Masks: A New Generation (Comic Book #1)

A teenage superhero drama about a group of 4th generation heroes discovering who they want to be while trying to do some good in the world.
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Masks: A New Generation (Comic Book #1)

Postby Chrono » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:42 pm

At the soup kitchen for the homeless shelter, Dot (...) practiced her mind alteration powers on a homeless man that was about to freak out over not getting the drugs he wanted. Then the news on the old TV showed a super villain berserking not far from their location.

The group fought Troll as he raged through the streets. Talking to him did not really seem to work, despite Black Friday's best effort to try diplomacy.
Road Map wrestled Troll while Facepalm kept flying manholes from hurting anyone. Dot was able to mind wipe Troll with Cypher's assistance, and Troll reverted to a normal human (albeit a teenage punk). The police arrested him, and a reporter that was sort of saved decided he was not kept safe enough by the teenage superheroes and gave them some more bad publicity.

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