The World of Laakopa

The world is old and yet vastly unexplored. Elves, Dwarves, and other races have kept to themselves. But something is stirring on the edges of civilization. Something vast and dangerous. Now is the time to adventure and store up wealth, while it is still safer to do so.
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The World of Laakopa

Postby Chrono » Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:05 pm

I was asked for a little more detail about what the world we will be playing in, so here is my typical setting. Much of this is subject to change, especially based on our first meeting Saturday. I will be sure to update this post appropriately.

Laakopa (Lah-ah-koe-pah) is the common name for the world where the adventure takes place, abbreviated from the elven phrase Laara' Korima Palurin. The world is old, having seen more than one age come to pass. Much history is lost or forgotten, so "common knowledge" of what the world is like varies greatly between different villages, even in the same kingdom.

Divine deities are not silent in the world, but are careful about upsetting the balance with direct interference. Most people of all races accept that magic is real, be it divine or arcane, but do not really understand how it works or why. Undead creatures, and those that raise them, are generally seen as evil by nature. Death is sacred and accepted by most when it happens, to various degrees.

There are many kingdoms among the 4 most prominent races of the surface world: 3 dwarf, 1 gnome, 1 halfling, 4 elf, and at least 5 human. Other races are either adopted into citizenship of other kingdoms (most likely humans) or have build a grand city for themselves, but they are not numerous enough to match the size of a nation. Monster races may also have kingdoms or nations, such as the giants or the drow for example, but they rarely deal in diplomacy or large-scale warfare.

There is one large known continent that inhabits much of the known peoples, but there are also many islands off in the sea, some of them quite large. Established groups such as Bard Colleges, Druidic Circles, or Arcane Tradition Schools are actual literal groups dedicated to their field of studies. Various guilds, tribes, clans, and other organizations also exist in the world, some of which span over multiple races.

The world, even on the main continent, is most vast unexplored wilderness with only pockets of scattered civilization and many ancient remnants of forgotten civilizations left in ruins to be explored and plundered. Many wealthy patrons, merchant guilds, historical societies, and eccentric nobles sponsor expeditions. Adventurers can inquire these individuals or check for work at local adventuring guild halls or taverns.

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