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A cyberpunk game using powered-by-apocalypse mechanics. A team of troubleshooters work for various corporations on dangerous jobs in order to get paid. The game constantly challenges the player characters to test their drives and goals in a setting where death is a means of survival.
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Net Rumors

Postby Chrono » Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:37 pm

The big news this week that everyone is talking about? The W.A.C.K.I. Race results last week, of course!

The newest Crystal Mech came in 3rd, earning her a respected place in her late mother's shadow as the current Idol Imaging Services rising star. Her face is going to be everywhere very soon! Second place went to Megalotech Corporation, proving that persistence and constant determination is all you really need to come up just short of winning.

But the real buzz is all about the Independence team, a group of do-it-yourself scrappers that took the race by storm and gave hope to many of us by flinging their victory in the face of every major corporation in the world. Footage of key scenes in the race have gone viral all over the world, and stocks in every participating corporation has gone down as a result.

So what are the corporations doing about it? Probably nothing. They've been around for a long time, and are both benevolent and gracious enough to allow new players onto the field. But each does have their own agenda to maintain, completely unrelated to the results of the race.

NEON launches their new orbital habitat campaign later this week. Rumor has it that spots will be first come-first serve, and the generous corporation is actually planning on paying YOU to live in their habitat, rather than the other way around!

Humana and Akuma have partnered on their latest project: NuYu! With so many jobs out there catered to a specific skill set and body type, it can sometimes feel like we were born in second place. But with NuYu, you can actually become the perfect person for the job.

Idol Image Services has its hands full covering the upcoming United Peoples elections, but still makes time to bring us the entertainment we really want. New rumors of stars fly around everywhere, including the possibility of an upcoming partner for their new racing sensation star. And don't forget the new reality competition starting in just 2 weeks: Star Power!

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