Specter's Playbook

A cyberpunk game using powered-by-apocalypse mechanics. A team of troubleshooters work for various corporations on dangerous jobs in order to get paid. The game constantly challenges the player characters to test their drives and goals in a setting where death is a means of survival.
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Specter's Playbook

Postby Chrono » Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:21 pm

Playbook: Infiltrator
Credits: 12
XP: 6

Edge: 2
Style: -1
Mind: 1
Meat: 1
Cool: 1
Synth: 0

* Financial - when you hinder the mission for a chance at extra profit
* Network - when you rmembership in Humana hinders the mission

1 Draupadi
1 Fletcher
1 Quade

Cybereyes: +light amplification, +flare compensation, +inaccessible partition (forced, +owned Humana)

Artificial Eyes - cyberware
Ambiguous Face
Athletic Body
Utility Outfit
White Skin

Sniper Rifle (3-harm far/extreme loud)
Silenced Semi-auto pistol (2-harm close quick)
throwing Knives (2-harm close infinite)
Disguise Ki

* Covert Entry
* Cat Burglar
* Stealth Operative

McFly (security officer for Humana, I owe him, I screwed him over)
Hack Saw (street doc, not licensed to practice, I owe him)

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Re: Specter's Playbook

Postby Dezperado » Sat Oct 08, 2016 2:19 am

Acquired a Megalotech assault rifle
Misplaced Yankee.

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