Session 17 (11/28) Recaps

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Session 17 (11/28) Recaps

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11/28/2015 – Session 17 – 24, Ascending Wood – Medical Complications
     The next day, Liric received word that a baby had been left at the medical clinic. It belonged to
Valasa, the woman the mosaic condition he had tried to treat before. He reasoned that under the
circumstances the infant would need long-term care somewhere – Valasa was likely in very bad shape
somewhere in the undercity, if she was still alive. He wondered if the Duskholme defenders maybe had
nannies... so we went to see Dorian after leaving a message for Sund. After he heard, Dorian offered to
help investigate. He got a carriage and took Liric and Harrick to the clinic midmorning. Harrick was a
god, the god of opium's healing properties, that had come into Dorian's employ while he had been in
Great Forks. Liric wondered if Dorian really just wanted some time away from wedding preparations.
     Shortly after arriving at the clinic a kid came crashing in. He seemed to be very familiar with
the place. He said his name was Ahmar. Dr. Diya did not give him her usual suspicious treatment.
Ahmar also recognized Liric as the guy with Unipug, but didn't seem to notice Unipug himself, who
was dematerialized. Dorian had to show off a bit and made some comment in Unipug's general
direction (Liric wasn't sure if he was using Spirit Sight or just acting) and Ahmar immediately picked
up on it and began pestering Dorian about how he could see spirits and if he could change into an
     Ahmar had a lot of street smarts and also seemed intelligent and perceptive – much moreso
than his age would suggest. He belonged to Dr. Diya. He seemed to be sort of an adopted son, thought
she had actually bought him. Ahmar said that Dr. Diya had originally been from Thorns, and that
maybe she had another kid there, but then came to Nexus and acquired Ahmar. Liric didn't inquire
further. He had never heard any of this from Dr. Diya (not that he had actually asked a lot...) and
thought maybe it was something she preferred to keep private. At any rate, Ahmar insisted on coming
with them.
     The company eventually found Valasa in a bad neighborhood in the under-city. She was
unconscious in an ally, and a baby … or something vaguely resembling a baby... seemed to be
manifesting out of her head when she was seen with spirit sight. However, the baby took control of her
body, said something that sounded like “Kithera,” and led them on a chase. They lost track of her in
the under-city, but Liric realized she was on an indirect path toward the Tomb of Singing Blades, like
the mosaic child he had seen before. They intercepted her on the streets before she could reach it.
Dorian tried to restrain her, but the infant was able to make some kind of spiritual attack on him, and
he was seriously injured before Liric could grab a tablecloth from a nearby cafe and wrap her up in it
to restrain her.
     They headed back toward Dorian's residence. It took about one and a half hours for Liric to
completely heal Dorian, but all the while he was much more worried about Nerium's reaction to all of
this. He was also wondering where they could keep Valasa. Dorian didn't think she could be kept
around mortals and suggested she stay confined downstairs for the time being. About that time Fandris
came by for a fitting. Dorian went upstairs to see him and Liric went to the clinic to pick up the baby
and take Ahmar back.
     Sund was waiting at the clinic when Liric got there. He let Dr. Diya know that they had found
Valasa but that she wan't doing that well. He went back to the Duskholme estate and met Nerium
coming up from the area the woman was. She was in some distress. She said she thought there might
be something demonic – or partially demonic – about the baby in the woman.
     Liric treated her and the baby appeared to be sleeping afterward. He recounted the days events
to both Sund and Harrick. Both gods examined the woman, but neither could offer much insight. Sund
said that foreign tissue was growing and that was causing symptoms but also that there was no reason
it should be growing. When Liric asked her about the name Kithera, she became a little uncomfortable.
Sund's predecessor was a god that worked closely with Kithera before the Usurpation but was now an
artifact. Kithera was said to be burried in the tomb of singing blades and was generally thought of as
an unpleasant guy.
     By that time it was very late. Liric thanked everyone for the various help they had offered and
tried to get some sleep, but he kept waking up when tiny arms reached out from the shadows toward
him and disembodied voices whispered “Kithera” out of the darkness.
     The next day Liric was exhausted. He was able to spend a little time with Nerium and get some
help with the best-man speech he was working on for the wedding. He also chatted a bit with Dr. Diya
about the wedding and invited her to come. However, she also wanted to see Valasa since she was
originally her patient. Liric explained the condition as best he could. There could be some interesting
complications with letting Dr. Diya examine her, and she'd probably be asking questions about how
Liric was able to make the diagnosis in the first place. He'd worry about that later. He spent the rest of
the day looking at a mostly-blank page of paper with some notes for a speech and nodding off.
However, he never really seemed to rest. That night was not really any different. He didn't have
nightmares for a change, but his sleep was fitful and restless, and he woke up the morning of rehearsals
for the wedding more exhausted than ever.

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