Session 16 (11/14) Recaps

Nexus has an Exalted infestation, and no one--not even the Exalted themselves--know who, how many, or why.
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Session 16 (11/14) Recaps

Postby sean » Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:22 pm


11/14/2015 – Session 16 – 23, Ascending Wood – Jampa's Basement
     Liric received an invitation to Nerium and Dorian's Nexus Marriage a couple of days after Dorian's visit to the clinic. Included was a short note from Nerium informing Liric that they would both like for him to be there, and that Dorian wanted him to be his best man. The reason for this, according to Nerium, was that Dorian thought of Liric as his little brother. This was surprising to Liric, and he had to think about what that might mean to him for most of the day.
     Late that afternoon he went to the estate. He wanted to confirm with Dorian that he really wanted Liric there, considering Liric's checkered past with the Council. Dorian assured Liric that he didn't think it was a big deal. Liric privately disagreed, as he had spent the past two months doing his best to not cause trouble, and really didn't want to spread any to the Duskholme estate, but he did agree to be Dorian's best man.
     Since tailors were already there, Liric was fitted for appropriate attire. The invitation he had also mentioned he could bring a guest. The only other person he really knew was Dr. Diya. He wasn't sure about that. While he was being fitted, Dorian also showed him a list of things that were going to be available at an upcoming auction that would be sometime after the wedding. There were quite a few minor artifacts, fine and superior equipment and animals, slaves, and favors and services. It looked like the guild was taking artifacts and services in exchange for credit, then auctioning off the artifacts and services as well. Liric was very interested in a few items including a couple of maps to demenses, some incense that would prevent the spread of disease, and some freshwater pearls. However, he was concerned about the kinds of people any exchange of goods or services might be going to. From the looks of some of the services on the list, some of the buyers seemed like a shady lot.
     They also briefly discussed plans for Dorian's “tenements for sick people.” Dorian wasn't taking much of an active roll and was leaving decisions to a group of designers and architects, but said Liric was welcome to provide input if he wanted. So far they didn't even have a site picked out. Liric thought that was probably something that should be looked into pretty soon.
     After the fitting, Dorian asked Liric if he wanted to go out to “a cabaret show.” Nerium would also be going along. Liric decided to take a chance and live a little and said okay. The show was... amusing enough. “Cabaret” turned out to mean classier strip joint. Dorian seemed thoroughly uninteresting in the male strippers on the stage and spent most of his time reading, and Nerium was paying much more attention to the crowd. Liric supposed if anyone were married to someone like Nerium that anything and anyone else probably wouldn't compare well at all. Dorian explained that Nerium was eating for two, and also that she consumed desire. Liric wasn't quite sure what to make of that so he just said “congratulations.” Liric tried to enjoy the rest of the show, but by that time the boys had taken out some sparklers and the rest after that was just a bit silly. Liric suspected he might see a few in the clinic the next day to take care of some accidental scorching.
     Afterward, they considered heading to a second show since Nerium was still a bit hungry, but a messenger came for Dorian and said that some kind of tense situation was developing at Jampa's old teahouse. Dorian had apparently put the place under watch by some of his guards in case anyone still had hostile intentions toward it or Jampa. They took a carriage and parked about a block away. Nerium stayed behind while Dorian and Liric went to investigate.
     Reconstruction had begun, so they couldn't see what was up immediately. When they ventured down into the basement, though, they found Jampa, Norbu, and someone else and his head, both drained of blood, and a lot of ghosts. Liric activated his spirit sight charm, and realized there were quite a few more ghosts. Dorian also pointed out a tiny shadowland, maybe 6 inches across, in the center of the basement. It was easy to miss, but definitely had an unhappier look about it compared to the rest of the place once you knew what to look for. He drew a circle around it, stood back, thought for a moment, then added a date. He looked around again, glanced at the body and Jampa and Norbu, then said if there was nothing else, he'd be excusing himself.
     Liric would have been happy to leave, but Jampa said she was injured and asked Liric if he could heal her. Dorian headed out anyway and said he'd send a carriage. The cut on Jampa's wrist was easy enough to treat (Liric didn't ask how it happened – it seemed fairly obvious) but she also had a bloody nose Liric couldn't immediately see any reason for. It obviously wasn't broken, so Liric just told her to keep some pressure on it and it should stop on its own. He was really eager to get out of there. There were too many ghosts, and Norbu kept looking back and forth from the body to the shadowland, sometimes holding up a couple of fingers to judge relative sizes or trying to determine which was bigger. Then Jampa mentioned that the nosebleed happened when arguing with someone who might have been exalted. Liric glanced at the body and asked if that was him. He had inferred based on a few exchanges with Jampa and Norbu plus what a few ghosts were talking about that the recently decapitated was responsible for the fire. Jampa said no, it was someone else.
     Liric decided he didn't want more details right then. He used a medicine charm to make a very thorough examination of Jampa's nose. It was still just a nosebleed, but there was also more to it that he didn't know. Norbu spoke up then and said they might want to turn around. Norbu had picked up the body and was standing next to the shadowland. Liric made for the stairs. He told Jampa as far as he could tell it was just a nosebleed, even if it was caused by someone using essence in some strange way, so just keep some pressure on it for a while and it should stop. He tried very hard to ignore the sounds coming from the basement.
     Just then Oro showed up and told them the hooded executioners had descriptions of Jampa and her entourage and were going to be there soon looking for them. He had to repeat it twice before Liric realized they were not looking for him for a change. About that time a carriage came rolling into the street. Liric quickly asked Oro if he knew of any shadowlands in Nexus or the undercity besides the new one in the basement. Oro said he did not. Liric thanked him and got in the carriage and headed for home. He tried not to feel guilty about being happy he wasn't wanted for questioning for a change, and was satisfied to know there probably wasn't any weird abyssal manse the Emissary had taken him to, since the only way into the underworld in Nexus was a tiny 6-inch circle.
     Liric tried to rest that night since he had a lot of plans for the next day, but he kept waking up from nightmares where everything was dark and there were awful wet ripping and crunching sounds and every surface was coated in something dark and damp and sticky.

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Re: Session 16 (11/14) Recaps

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Fandris strolled through the milling crowds down into the Undercity, wrinkling his nose at the “interesting” scents of the various denizens of the subterranean neighborhood. Glancing around he made his way off to a side alleyway where he was out of sight and shifted into the form of a tawny alley cat. Sniffing at the ground he padded off through the underground streets and alleys, searching out one of Oro's little rat minions.

Having located one of the rats he pounced on it and after a bit of intimidation he convinced it to lead him to Oro. The dirty rat tried to lose him by going through a rat sized tunnel, but Fandris shifted into his own rat form and caught up to him. They arrived at a large room filled with candlesticks and gold plated statues of Oro. Obviously some sort of shrine to the Undercity god.

Oro arrived flanked by a pair of somewhat questionable looking bodyguards. Fandris discussed the idea of setting up a network of rat spies with Oro, apparently for the second time. He always felt like he was on his back feet when talking to the Undercity god, and he wasn't sure why. It led to such things as repeating himself and not really seeming to get anywhere. He asked Oro what might make their conversations a bit more pleasant. Apparently offering some prayers and revealing some secrets are what Oro wanted, so Fandris made a mental not to try and come up with some secrets for next time then. Oro did seem a bit uncomfortable still though, so Fandris told him about his plans to move in and take control of some of the Undercity, as a bit of an offering.

The rat still didn't seem very happy about the possibility of working with Fandris though. Apprently Fandris' status as a known anathema was giving him pause. Oro suggested that Fandris fake his death. Fandris agreed that that seemed like a good idea. In fact he'd meant to do that while the Wyld Hunt was around, but obviously he didn't. He couldn't remember why he didn't. Fandris decided he'd had enough of the awkward conversation and decided to go find the pigeon god, the Crumb Lord. Wait, didn't I just decide I was done with awkward conversations? *sigh*

Flying up from the lowest spots in Nexus to one of the highest ones Fandris came upon the area where hundreds of pigeons had chosen to collectively roost. In the middle of them all was a very large and, in his own way, dignified looking pigeon. Fandris spoke with him about the idea of setting up a pigeon spy network, in the same vein as the one he was wanting to set up with Oro's rats. This conversation was much easier and more productive and after a bit they had seemed to reach an agreement. Fandris would provide extra food for them and the pigeons would help him spy on things around the city. The birds brought some sort of cockroach and laid it in front of Fandris. After a bit of trying to figure out what was up with the bug an intelligent pigeon came flying up and asked if Fandris was looking for him.

Finally having found one of the intelligent animals he had been looking for, Fandris was quite happy. He talked with the bird, coming to a greater understanding of the deal. If he left out food for the pigeons and took care of some annoying hawks in the area, the deal was on. Fandris asked what was up with the cockroach and the bird, after discussing things with his fellow feathered friends, said that apparently the cockroaches of the Undercity were looking for him. Uncertain as to what this was about, but hoping for another possible ally he decided to head down there again and look into it.

Having tracked the particular cockroach's scent through the Undercity in canine form he discovered a swarm of the things, leading him into a swampy, gross area underneath the Wyld Zone. A bit grossed out, but still intrigued Fandris continued to follow them as they lead him deeper into the area. As it became darker and darker he decided to light up his caste mark, but that proved a bit counter productive as the all the bugs scattered. Chuckling to himself, Fandris doused the light again and shifted into the form of a giant bat, stalking along with his strange bat-gait after the cockroaches.

Eventually they arrived at a cavern with some shanties and an extremely large number of roaches of all sizes. Fandris heard someone muttering inside about him “Fandris. Has Fandris come? Is Fandris here?”

“Yes I am,” replied Fandris loudly, “and who is looking for me?”

A woman emerged from the shanty, covered in bugs. Fandris felt a twinge of recognition, but was not immediately able to place the face. Especially covered in roaches. Another awkward conversation followed(he seemed to be getting into a lot of those lately) and at its end he discovered that she was a former member of his gang, and one who had been carried off and sold into slavery during Fandris' latest absence. His heart fell as she revealed this, and he apologized for not having been there. Fandris told her he was glad she had some new friends now though. The woman said that she was stuck in that place, that few people came around, and that they were hungry for flesh.

Seeing where this was going Fandris shifted into his war form, re-lit his caste mark and smiled. “You're welcome to try.”

After battling the woman and her enormous cockroach minions for a bit, Fandris decided that he had had enough of this and it was time to leave. Changing from an outright brawl into a fighting retreat he made his way back towards civilization, leading the giant roaches on for a bit to see how far they could pursue him. When they seemed more than willing to follow him as far as he would go he swiftly evaded their pursuit and fled outright. As he fled he felt the effects of the roaches diseases flooding through his body and he began to react badly. Making his way back to his nesting place he decided to lay low for a few days, recovering both form his injuries and his illness.

As he recovered he thought back over the days actions. He had managed to secure some alliances, had learned where at least some of his former cult members had been sold off to, and had at least identified a possible enemy to avoid. He also had a few plans of action set before him that he wanted to follow up on. A somewhat productive day he guessed. He felt like there was something he was supposed to do still though. Oh ya, he needed to go get fitted for a suit for Dorian and Nerium's wedding. Having recovered fully from his ordeal he decided to head over to Dorian's place to take them up on the offer.

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