Session 14 (10/10) Recaps

Nexus has an Exalted infestation, and no one--not even the Exalted themselves--know who, how many, or why.
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Session 14 (10/10) Recaps

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10/10/2015 – Session 14 – 13, Descending Water – Inaspaucious Departures

Liric paced back and forth across the property. He needed some way to observe the dragonbloods without himself being observed. Or some way in without being observed. Or a good place to watch for the Bloody Hand without being observed. Then after that there were any number of ways he could make contact with Alya. He was sure he could do all those initial things, the difficulty was in what came second – the actual contacting. He did not exactly have a large pool of essence to work with, and pretty much ensuring success in the first task made a discreet escape if something went wrong in the second part impossible. He was back at the Duskholme doorstep, considering his ways back in and looking across the city. He noticed some fires burning in several places across the city. What was going on? That was when Wilikins materialized behind him. He was not expecting that.

"Sir, this is really not the best place for you to be, especially at this time. May I?"

Liric was efficiently ushered into an empty room off the library. Outside they could still see the fires through the window.



Liric had no idea how to proceed without being rude. Wilikins... could materialize.

"I didn't know that... you... has Dorian left for Great Forks?"

"The Master is in Great Forks, and I just returned. The Master has made some travel arrangements that Sir may wish to take advantage of.... But Sir will need to leave soon. Shall I prepare a carriage?"

"Right, okay, but... Wait? He's already there? Okay, fine, but I really need to find Alya, first. I don't suppose you have seen her, have you?"

"Yes, Sir. She is crawling across the lawn and appears to be attempting entrance to the manor. If you will pardon me a moment..."

Wilikins stepped across the room and raised a window just as Alya's head popped in view. "Do allow me to assist you, Madam, though we do have a front door." As Alya crawled through the window, Wilikins looked stony-faced into the dusk beyond and slowly shook his head.

"I just was going to check if anyone was here." Alya said slowly.

"Of course. Now, some sandwiches and a nice picnic basket and a carriage?" said Wilikins, turning back to her.

"Right, but we kind of need to talk for a little bit, first," replied Liric.

"Certainly." Wilikins led them out and down a flight a stairs, into what Dorian called the Heresitorium, where he kept everything the dragonblooded next door would be extremely interested in seeing and not appoving of in the least.

Unipug was beginning to make a scene, and Liric was concerned the carpets were about to get soaked, either literally or in a more spiritual manner. Having finally come face to face with Alya, he wasn't holding up well. "I really should go get Gen. I really should go get Gen..."

"Sit. Stay." Liric and Wilikins said together.

"If you will excuse me, Sir, Madam." Wilikins left and closed the door behind him.

Liric did his best to explain the current situation to Alya, and asked her to leave Nexus, if just for a little while. She told him that she already had some plans in motion that didn't really involve leaving. Chief among these was looking for a strange sort of tool for the Diamyo of Faces, Shalrina. Liric didn't like this much. He explained what had happened to him in heaven, what he had been told, dismissed Alya's alarm that he had been tracking her, ("It was your Bloody Hand we tracked, actually.") and reiterated his own memory problems, finally suggesting they seemed to go together somehow and maybe it would be more beneficial to work together and try to find a common solution, and maybe deal with Alya's enemies before they caused more trouble for either of them. Alya said that she had been told that for a while she had two souls in her and that possibly the other soul was dominating during the time she had amnesia, and that was the source of her memory issues. Liric was not quite sure what to make of this. He really wished he could communicate with his fellow exalts more frequently. In did potentially answer some questions, but opened up a lot of new ones as well. But regarding leaving and working together and laying low for a while, Alya finally agreed, in principle, at least, to all these things.

Around that time Wilikins returned with a basket of sandwiches and told them a carriage was waiting. Then Alya noticed the yassal crystal Dorian had taken from the bolt hole. "Hey, that's mine... "

"If Madam wishes to take her property...." offered Wilikins. "But time is of the essence."

Wilikins was really beginning to make Liric worried. Maybe something was going on that he wasn't aware of? Like what was up with the fires? Alya had been in the house next door this time, so people couldn't be blaming her this time, and he didn't think she'd ever burn Jampa's teahouse.

"But, there's still some things I really need to do here," Liric tried to explain as Wilikins ushered them up the stairs.

"The Master has made arrangements that it would be very good to make use of. If Sir takes to the road now, Sir should find himself in Great Forks very quickly."


"It is simply not a good time to remain here," pressed Wilikins as he showed them out of the house and to the waiting carriage. A cold sleet had begun to fall, and the wind had picked up a bit. It gave the growing night a very ominous feeling.

"At the first major crossroads, Sir should find all the assistance he needs to continue his journey."

Unipug was having a minor crisis of terror, now finding himself inside a carriage with Alya.

Wilikins handed the basket through the carriage window to Liric, then picked up Unipug from the seat.

"Um, if you're going back to Great Forks," began Liric, "could you possibly take him with you? I... sort of need him there." He didn't, but he didn't like the idea of leaving Unipug alone.

"Of course, Sir. Now, on your way, Sir, Madam."

And the carriage was off. They passed the dragon-bloods next door. Liric just sat back in the seat and unconsciously held his breath as they went by, then sighed as they continued down the hill toward the gates. He began to get an uneasy feeling. There were a lot of things he still needed to do, especially the recent promise to the doctor (Did he even get her name?) to help her at her clinic the next day. Then there was the meeting with Gen he hoped would earn him some gratitude and favor, and possibly shelter from the Wyld Hunt and the cooperation of the Council, or at least part of it. Then there was still that yankee tool floating around. It probably wouldn't surface with the Wyld Hunt in town, but if they left... with no significant exalted presence at all...

He was brought out of his anxiety when Alya said she thought she saw the dragon-bloods in a whirlwind moving by very quickly and moving ahead of them. They were a few miles outside the city gates by now. Liric looked out, but saw nothing. He supposed it could be possible, dragon-bloods having some elemental control and all. If they were going to stop the carriage, though, there really wasn't much preventing them from doing that now.

Liric got his own shock a short time later as they passed the stones of exile. He clearly saw the Emissary in the shadows of a fire some poor travelers had started to try to keep warm, then the Emissary took a step or two back into the darkness and was gone. Great. It knows I've left, and it's not happy. He told Alya, who looked out but didn't see anything, and seemed skeptical.

Eventually they reached a small roadhouse at a crossroads and the carriage dropped them off at the door, then headed back toward Nexus. They trudged inside. There was just the proprietor and two dirty, travel-worn guys at the bar.

Liric began to get the nasty feeling that maybe Wilikins just wanted him out of the house and off the grounds. After some awkward interraction, the muddier of the two men asked Alya if she were Alya. She confirmed that, yes, that's who they were. The man seemed relieved and said that Dorian should expect them to be on their way soon, but if they wanted dad to show up, they'd have to make a prayer. But in the meantime, they should share a story.

Liric finally began putting the pieces together. This was an offspring of Talespinner, one of the gods of Great Forks. And unless Dorian had paid through the nose for travel arrangements, this was going to cost them a favor. Liric was pretty sure Dorian wasn't footing the bill for this one. They agreed to work on this the next morning.

Their initial attempt was not very successful.

Neither was their second.

Liric thought a complete rethinking was in order. Alya thought maybe getting drunk with some traveling entertainers might help. In the end they did a little of both, trudging up and down the road near the roadhouse, telling stories about where the travelers had been and what they had done, and Liric adding in that he'd be willing to perform some major service to anyone who could help him continue the journey and the story.

This time Talespinner did appear. He did not appear to be in any great hurry, somewhat to Liric's irritation. He talked with them both for a while, made an agreement, then also made an agreement with a cat nearby that Liric had not been paying any attention to. A cat? It never actually spoke, and Talespinner just asked if it wanted the same agreement, which was followed by a 'mew' and some head nodding and satisfied purring. They started down the road, Talespinner starting in on an elaborate story. Liric kept an eye on the cat.

Not too long afterward they came to a cabin by the road. Talespinner invited them in, said he would be on his way, but he was sure they would meet again soon. There was a warm fire, some comfortable cots, and good traveling food – fresh bread and stew. There were also some books, primarily travel guides and atlasses. It was also fairly heavy food. All of them had a bowl. The cat... shifted into a monkey... dipped itself another bowl... then shifted back to a cat, and proceeded to continue eating.


Alya fell asleep rather quickly, the last of the alcohol also showing its effect. The cat – Fandris, rather – looked remarkably full and content curled up next to the fire. Liric was the only one that stayed awake, or perhaps he dozed as well, for he suddenly realized that the light had shifted and noises outside were different. He opened one of the shutters on a window and looked out. They were definitely not where they were a few hours before. How long, though? Liric had the feeling it was early the next day, and when he went out he would find himself just outside Great Forks, meaning their journey had taken an entire day... and the meeting with Gen and the doctor would have been the previous evening. He wasn't sure though. He was pretty sure that no matter what now, he couldn't get back in time anyway, even if his estimates were off.

The others soon woke. They found some good traveling clothes that fit them in a wardrobe and changed into them. Outside, the feeling was of early morning, and they could just see the walls of the city of Great Forks beyond some trees down the road. They also met a girl on the road who told them that since they had met dad, they probably wanted to meet Dorian now, too. They started toward the city. She did caution them that there had been some significant events happen in the past couple of days, and not to be too surprised, but she would let Dorian tell that story. Liric flatly asked her if the entire town knew of the various exalted that might be around, or was that being kept hush. The girl just smiled mischievously and said that letting everyone know at once wouldn't make for a very good story. Inside the city, every building had been festooned with blue and motifs of Venus. It had the appearance of being a very earnest but impromptu affair, as quite a few decorations were a bit tattered or wrinkled as if they had been in storage for a long time, but the sheer quantity made up for it. She led them to a townhouse in the middle of the city and took her leave.

Dorian was not there. Wilikins was. So was Unipug, who seemed to be hovering between abject sadness and utter despair. Liric felt rather bad but didn't have much time to talk to him, because then Dorian arrived with... purchases.

It may as well have been a full month, maybe even three since Liric had last seen Dorian, instead of a few days. These were the significant events as well as Liric was able to piece them all together in a few minutes of confused introductions:

Dorian, Nexus' most eligible bachelor, had gotten married to Nerium the half-neomah. Jampa had presided over the ceremony, which was a smashing success because Venus herself had showed up to bless the couple when their vows were exchanged and now Dorian was... buying a family from the slave markets which consisted of two human children and one adult Djala with a child who showed a remarkable aptitude for technology and a wyld-touched kid that Dorian asked Liric to check out for mental illness.

The wyld-touched kid was disturbing. Liric determined that he simply did not function mentally as people did, and did not really even see people as people. He could not empathize or show compassion in any real capacity that could be recognized as human. These were innate traits, brought about by his bloodline. So, no, Liric couldn't fix him, since, for him, that was normal and didn't need fixing. If Dorian wanted him to function as a normal child, that would require some kind of alteration, and alteration was beyond any of Liric's abilities.

That diagnosis was a bit depressing. But more significant to Liric were all the things back in Nexus he had left unfinished, and the more he thought about them, the more they bothered him. Despite the Wyld Hunt presence he thought he ought to try to find some way back. If one Councilor showed him favor, like Master Gen, he was pretty sure he could be insulated from the Wyld Hunt if he didn't cause any problems and began working on some projects Gen wanted to see happen. He really didn't want to find himself owing another large favor, though, so decided he would ask around and try to find out if anyone else had ideas for getting back, or even if that was a good idea at all.

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Re: Session 14 (10/10) Recaps

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Session 14: Children Rescued, Circle Together Again

The reception after the wedding is as spectacular as the ceremony was. Jampa mingles amongst the people there. Oro introduces her to some of those that he knows. She sees Talespinner, and he also introduces her to people, including many of those that can help her with the business she is supposedly here to conduct. After a bit, she and Dorje find themselves back with Norbu, Oro and the Priestess of Rabszolga and her “assistants.”

“You must try these shrimp!”

While intellectually stimulating at first, the Priestess of Rabszolga has become wearisome. Over time it has become apparent that her arguments have been learned by rote, and that she herself is not the brightest of people. It comes as a relief whenever she gets distracted by something. Fortunately it happens frequently, albeit for brief periods of time.

“Oh look! Cheese balls!”

The Priestess heads towards the plate of hors d'oeuvres, and one of the Priestess’ “assistants” approaches Jampa. These two women are real slaves, not people playacting as slaves like the Priestess herself was doing, so Jampa feels a great deal of sympathy towards them and readily listens to the woman’s hurried pleading.

“I need your help.”

This particular woman is bald and white with black spots, and has stirred an odd feeling of recognition in Jampa since she first saw her, as had the others like her that she’d seen around Great Forks. Before she can say more, the Priestess returns.

“Priestess, have you met Talespinner yet? Norbu, why don’t you introduce her…”

Norbu leads the Priestess away and Jampa returns to the woman.

“Certainly, I will buy you if I can, do you know what your price is?”

“You don’t understand, my son is missing. He has been gone for two days and no one is looking for him!”

“Where was he last seen, what is his name?”

“His name is Beaga and he works in the tunnels under the city where they store the food.”

At this point the Priestess returns and the slave fades back into the background.

Jampa motions Oro over to her.

“You heard the woman?

“Yes, a sad story,” the small god shakes his head sadly as a he munches on a plate of shrimp and cheese balls.

“Well? Go see what you can find out, please.”

Oro pouts, “right now?”

Jampa looks at him sternly and Oro sighs.

“Very well, but I better not miss any important gossip, er news!” He then quickly leaves the party and heads out into the evening.

A bit later, a slightly scorched Oro returns. “So, you know they have that place warded, right?”

Jampa suppresses a chuckle, “well, I do now. I’m so sorry, but thank you so much for trying!” She leans over and kisses him on the top of his furry head. “Here, I saved you some more shrimp and cheese balls.”

The influence of Venus is strong and while the party goes on many hours, couples and small groups split off and disappear as time goes on. Jampa releases Dorje from his duties early in the evening and notices him leaving with a young woman later on. She and Norbu take their leave a bit after that, saying their goodbyes to those who are left, including the happy couple, and then make their way back to the Temple’s Gate to have their own private party. The Priestess of Rabszolga proves herself to finally be useful for something other than repeating her doctrine and dogma. Oro finds the whole thing rather interesting.

The next day, Jampa awakes to find that Dorje has returned, and that the Priestess is furious.

“She ran away! Now I’ll have to call the enforcers! What a bother.”

“Who ran away?” Jampa asks, suspecting she knows the answer.

“My slave!”

Jampa goes to Norbu, “Keep her distracted for a while, we’ll go see if we can find the, what did you say she was called again?”

“A Djala”

Again, Jampa feels a flash of deja vu, but shakes it off.

“Right, we’ll go see if we can find this Djala woman’s boy, and hopefully her as well. Try to keep her from reporting to the authorities until then.”

Norbu grins, “Right.” Norbu turns to the Priestess. “Slave, I desire grapes, let us go downstairs!”

The Priestess’ expression brightens as she realizes that Norbu is giving her an order and hurriedly follows her downstairs.

“Alright, Dorje are you ready to go?” Dorje nods his affirmative.

“Oro, show us where you ran into these wards last night.”

Oro puts on the cloak and hood he’s been using in public, and the three of them head out into the city. It doesn’t take long before Oro leads them to a non-descript building. So non-descript, that it appears that it was designed specifically not to be noticed.

Jampa approaches the door which is flanked by a couple of guards. One of them speaks.

“Yes, can I help you mistress?”

“I wish to enter.”

“I think maybe you are lost, mistress? Only servants enter here.”

“Well, I am looking for a lost servant, and he was last seen here, so I wish to enter. Perhaps you can bring me whoever is in charge here?”

“Of course, mistress. I will get him.”

One of the guards goes inside and a few minutes later he returns with another man.

“How can I help you?”

“I’m looking for a missing boy, specifically a 7 year old Djala boy. His mother is worried about him.”

The man thinks for a minute. “Ah, Beaga. I’m sure he is just off playing somewhere. It happens with the younger ones, they forget their duties. I’m sure he’ll turn up.”

“Well, I would really rather check for myself and make sure he’s alright.” Jampa fills her words with the force of her essence. “If you could just let us in for a while, it would make things so much simpler.”

“Well, I don’t see why not? If you’d like I could show you around, where the boy works and how things are done here?”

“That would be wonderful!”

The man leads them through the underground storage areas of Great Forks. He shows them some of the common areas, and then shows them one of the food storerooms where Beaga works. Jampa notices several ventilation holes large enough for a child to crawl through near the ceiling. She asks Dorje to examine them as she chats with their guide.

“There’s a draft coming from one of them.” Dorje indicates which one.

The guide leads them out and on to the next thing he wants to show them. Jampa notices he does not stop at the room next to the storeroom they were just in, the room that the ventilation shaft likely led to.

Jampa lets him lead them on to a couple more spots, and then stops him.

“I don’t want to take up so much of your valuable time, you have been so helpful. Where can we find you if we have any more questions?”

The man tells them where he’ll be and how to find them, then leaves them on their own.

“OK, let’s go back to that room he led us past.”

Getting there, the door is locked, but it’s not a lock that can stand up to Jampa when she focuses her essence upon it. Inside they find a storeroom mostly full of siege equipment. Mostly, because on one side is a hole in the wall and an empty space where something was stored.

Dorje studies the area. “Something with big feet, automata maybe? It busted out.”

Jampa looks into the dark hole. Her instincts are screaming that this is something for Norbu, or even Liric, but then she remembers the distraught mother and thinks of that little boy out there, and she turns to Dorje.

“OK, let’s see where this goes.”

After much twisting and turning through caves, they find that it leads into some fields outside the city walls.

“Oro, I think we need Norbu, don’t you?”

“Yes, I agree.” The rat god stands there.

Jampa looks at him.

“Oh, you mean I should go get her?”

“Yes, please, if you would.” She smiles sweetly at him.

Oro sighs. “Alright, I’ll go fetch her then.”

Dorje and Jampa wait in the field.

“How was your evening?” Jampa grins at him.

“As enjoyable as yours I hope,” he grins back.

“Seeing her again?”

“Maybe, my work keeps me pretty busy. My boss is a real..”

Jampa smacks him playfully before he can finish.

“Your boss says you can have some time off anytime you want to, I should only need you for some of these appointments I have coming up. Your presence helps emphasize my “prestige.””

“So, I’m armcandy?”

Jampa grins. “Is that what she calls you?”

At this point a raiton dives out of the sky and morphs into Norbu.

“You found them?”

“Dorje found their tracks, but I don’t know what we’re getting into, so I wanted you along.”

Norbu nods her approval of Jampa’s caution.

“What did you do about the Priestess?” Jampa asks

“I ordered her to clean our room and wash our clothes, then wait for me until I returned. She wasn’t very happy.”

Jampa and Dorje laugh.

“Dorian and Nerium were there looking for you, they are on their way here in a coach. We should probably wait.”

A little later and the coach arrives. Nerium, Dorian and Oro get out.

“Jampa! I found the most wonderful dress for you!” Nerium says as she gets out of the coach.

“Really? Is that it? Let me see!”

The two look over the dress in Nerium’s hands then Jampa starts removing her clothes to try it on. Dorian blushes and looks away. Dorje looks pointedly at a spot in the distance. Norbu grins. Oro’s expression is hard to read.

“Oh! It’s great!” Jampa admires her new dress and then hugs Nerium and kisses her on the cheek. “Thank you!”

Jampa sighs. “I better take it off now, don’t want to get it dirty.” She reverses the process and puts back on her clothes. “Alright, let’s find where this automaton went.”

Norbu and Dorian examine the tracks. Norbu tells Jampa “it looks like a brass legionnaire, but it seems damaged. It’s favoring one side.”

“Let’s go find it.”

Norbu changes shape into that of a dog and begins following the tracks. They lead out of the field and into some heavy undergrowth. It’s a cultivated area, but one that has been left fallow for some time. Eventually they hear the sound of a flute up ahead. Jampa stops everyone as Norbu goes up ahead.

Norbu doesn’t try to be stealthy, and as she approaches the flute goes silent. Then the voice of a little girl calls out. “Doggie!”

Norbu sits as the girl rushes out and hugs and pets her.

“Go away dog” says a boys voice from the underbrush. He shows himself and when Norbu doesn’t move he throws a rock in her direction “Go away!”

Jampa whispers for everyone else to stay and walks up to Norbu. “Don’t throw rocks at my dog.”

“Take your dog and go away! We don’t want you here!”

Jampa looks around and spots two more kids in the trees, including one who must be Beaga. She also sees the brass legionnaire attempting to hide in the brush.

She turns to where Beaga is hiding. “Beaga, your mother misses you. She’s very worried.”

“Don’t listen to her! Adults are bad! You promised to come with me!”

“But, Hadim..” Beaga starts.

“Shut up!”

Jampa turns Hadim who is the oldest, and obviously of some sort of mixed blood, but Jampa can’t tell what. “What are you going to do, how are you going to live on your own?”

“We can take care of ourselves, I can take them to where they never have to grow up.”

Dorian, having made his way forward, enters the conversation. “We can take care of you, I can buy your contracts, and that of your mother Beaga, and any family the rest of you have.”

“No! You can have Beaga, but they’re mine, they have no family and they’re coming with me!”

“That’s for them to decide,” Jampa says. “Who wants to come back with us?”

“No! I’ll have that attack you!” Hadim says.

“I don’t think so. I think Beaga hacked the brass legionnaire, didn’t you Beaga?” Dorian asks the child, and the child looks frightened. “I’m not accusing you, I think it’s quite impressive! It’s not easy to hack one, but you managed it, didn’t you?” The boy nods. “And you control it, right?” The boy nods again.

“Don’t listen to them!” Hadim looks pleadingly at the other kids, but when it’s obvious that he’s lost them, he runs off.

“Norbu, go get him, we don’t want him to hurt himself.” Norbu runs after the boy at Jampa’s request.

The rest of them escort the children back to the waiting carriage.

Finding Xipil, Beaga’s mom, proves to be fairly easy once they are able to get Beaga calmed down. He takes them to his favorite places in the city, and they eventually find Xipil at one of them. Dorian uses his influence and wealth to buy the contracts of Xipil and all the kids, but it turns out that Hadim is apparently not a slave. However, he is a fey-blooded boy who appears to have been taking the kids to a wyld zone. He’s also quite sociopathic, and they are unable to cure him. For now, they hold him in seclusion until they can come up with a solution to his problem. The irony of holding the boy against his will while setting the slaves free does not escape Jampa, and it bothers her, but it does appear to be the best of a set of bad choices for now.

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Re: Session 14 (10/10) Recaps

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Session 14: Waking up at noon, going to a field, buying slaves

Dorian and Nerium had just got up on the their first day of being Mr and Mrs Duskholme. It was around noon, and Wilikins had brunch ready for them. After eating, they did some shopping, when Dorian noticed something odd happening. When he realized it, Nerium just gave him a smile. She was using him as arm candy. This was a new experience. It really was quite odd, but it made Nerium happy so he smiled and did his best not to embarrass anyone.
Some time later, Nerium had found a dress that she said Jampa would look great in. Nerium promptly bought it and said they should go and give it to her. Dorian agreed and they headed out to the Hotel that Jampa and her crew were staying at. They weren't there. Nerium gave Dorian a look and said well you are an investigator, can't you find them? He didn't find them, he found Oro.
As the couple closed on Oro, he began saying he would get them a wedding gift honest. Dorian waved a hand at this and asked if he knew where Jampa was. Oro said he'd tell him if Dorian would get his coach to take them. Dorian said something about Oro just not wanting to walk, which Oro scowled at. He got the coach and the Lion Dog and headed out following Oro's directions.
They found Jampa and her crew out in the middle of a field. They had left the coach back on the road and came in the short distance walking. Nerium didn't miss a beat and showed Jampa the dress. Jampa to Dorian's horror began trying it on right there in the field, causing Dorian to turn his back. The dress did in fact look good on her, Nerium has a skill in these things. After the dress was changed out of again, Dorian asked why were they out in a field. He was told they were looking for a boy, who might have been kidnapped. They showed Dorian the tracks and he could tell it was made by a Bronze Legionnaire, and one that wasn't working properly. It was about that time they heard a recorder playing in the distance.
Norbu crept up and found several kids in an apple orchard. One of them, a little girl about 3, cried doggie and wrapped herself around Norbu. The oldest boy, a Fae Blood, pulled her off and tried to scare off Norbu by throwing rocks and shouting go away. It was at this time Jampa and Dorian came up at looked at the scene. The lion dog came up with Dorian. There was indeed a bronze Legionnaire. It was in very bad repair and had been modified to move crates. The boy on its back was a of minikin stock and Dorian figured he'd been the one to hack the command codes out of the robot. There were a total of 4 children. They had been eating apples and playing.
Jampa and Dorian's appearance seemed to make the Fae touched child very happy at all. The little girl on seeing the Lion dog cried doggie again, bur she was held back by the fae boy. Dorian asked them all their names and where they were going. The fae boy said they were going someplace wyld, which didn't sound good to Dorian. He also said they would never have to grow up, thinking about this Dorian could come up with a couple ways that wouldn't be good. He wasn't sure the boy knew what he was doing, but also he wasn't sure the boy cared. Sometimes fae blood can have some very unpleasant side effects.
Dorian asked the small boy named Beaga if he had hacked the robot. The boy hide behind his robot, as Dorian continued, I'm impressed, its not easy to hack one of those. You have to be very good at it. This brought the boy out from behind the robot with a small grin. The fae boy demanded that they leave and pulled a knife. Dorian looked at it and turned on his caste mark. The children all looked at it in wonder. The fae boy threw a rock at him. Dorian's anima flared, a purple raven with a mystical mandala behind it swept out a wing and flipped the rock aside.
Dorian asked if any of the kids had parents. Beaga raised his hand, and Jampa said that his mother was worried about him and asked her to find him. Beaga started to tear up. Dorian asked the lion dog to start collected kids while the fae boy took off shouting how he hated adults and how the kids weren't his friends. Dorian asked Norbu if she might go and make sure the boy didn't hurt himself. After a look to Jampa, who nodded, Norbu went and pinned the kid down.
Nerium sent him a questioning look as Dorian came back with a bunch of kids, one of whom was kicking and screaming. Well I couldn't leave them, and I won't send them back as slaves. Hopefully Liric gets here soon, and he can fix the loud one. Until then I think we'll have to sedate him until then. And since they were in Great Forks, this wasn't hard to get done. On the crowded coach ride back, Nerium held the one of the boys on her lap. He had fallen asleep against her. She looked at Dorian in an odd way. Then she wrapped up the boy in her cloak and nothing more was said. The little girl rode the lion dog, who ran along side the coach. She giggled the whole time. Beaga just looked worried. Until Jampa took him and held him for the rest of the coach ride.
When they got back to the apartment Dorian asked if Wilikins could get a couple of beds made up for tired children and to make sure to keep the boy sedated. Wilikins never blinked an eye. In short order he had the kids out of the coach and sleeping on a guest room bed.
Dorian then went to buy some slaves. He bought the kids and then bought the mother from the temple of the slave god. He did this to keep anyone out of trouble since the mother's owner had to be convinced not to call the enforcers. After a n hour of red tape and fast talking he had purchased them all. He also purchased the robot from the city with Jampa's help.
Then they went to find the boy's mother. Who it turned out was a slave and would be in trouble because she had run off to look for Beaga. Jampa asked Beaga whee they should be looking and after 4 or so spots, they found his mother calling for him in a park. She was overjoyed to see her son, and was even more happy when she found out that Dorian had bought her. She was so happy she was crying when she was told what Dorian was going to have her do. That is he needed a nanny since he had just gained a couple of children. And she wouldn't be a slave any longer. Her or her boy. And she didn't even mind that this would involve moving to nexus.
After thinking about it he went back and bought the god Harrick. Who seemed very confused by the whole thing but even he had heard of Dorian Duskholme by now.
Everyone then took the kids to the park. They were pulled around by a cart attached to the lion dog. There were several suckers stuck to the lion dog afterwards. When they came back to the apartment, the other nexus anathema were there waiting on them.
There was a bit of an awkward conversation about his marriage. And even a bigger let down when Liric was unable to help the fae boy.
After getting kids cleaned and into bed. Nerium took him aside and said if you wanted kids, you only had to ask. Well, Dorian said, I always wanted a big family. They both grinned and then went to bed to work on that.

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Re: Session 14 (10/10) Recaps

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After Session 14-1: Fun with crazy kids, crazy cultists, opium gods, and losing one's self. Going to be a Dad?

Dorian tucked in the little girl named Gafna. Nerium was tucking in Pahara on the other side of the room. After they were done they stood in the middle of the room holding each other, quietly looking at the children sleeping. You know Dorian said quietly, a 2 months ago, I was alone. A month ago, I found you. 2 days ago I married my soul mate. And yesterday we gained our first kids. Its kinda crazy how fast things can change, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Nerium kissed him and said and we have centuries more of it to come.
Things indeed had been busy for them in the last 2 days. Some good some bad, but mostly good. The only bad so far had been the boy Hulin. He was fae blooded and not well in the mind. Possibly due to wyld mutation. He had to have the boy sedated because of threats against Himself, Nerium and the kids. The threats against the kids were being used mostly to upset them. So until the time he could get someone to help the boy, he was to remain sedated.
He had talked it over with Nerium and had decided to get in touch with the cult of the illuminated. Hopefully they had someone that could fix the young man. Dorian was even willing to swallow his pride to see him cured. Who knows, maybe they really were just a group of people helping Solars, but he doubted it.
He had spent the better part of the day teaching Alya how to see spirits. This hadn't made Nerium very happy but she understood that Dorian wasn't going to give up on someone he thought he could help. She had said with a sigh, that it was one of the things she loved about him. It should only need 3 more days and Alya should be able to see her own Bloody Hand.
Xipil and Beaga were settling in nicely. Xipil seemed to like children and liked Beaga to have kids to play with. They had the head maid's room. Dorian had made sure that Xipil knew she was no longer a slave. She was the first nanny employed by the Duskholme family in decades. Making above average wages, living quarters provided, plus Dorian had seen to getting Beaga's legionnaire brought into a stable stall that had been cleaned out. Dorian and Beaga were cleaning the thing, but they both knew that they hadn't the skill to fix something so complicated.
Harrick was on retainer with the family. He was no longer a slave and Dorian was to have a shrine built to him in nexus and pay for a full time priest. Harrick was really overjoyed at the prospect, but was waiting to see if it actually happened or not. He had been screwed by trusting before.
When he wasn't training Alya, He and Nerium had been invited to just about every social function in the city. Nerium enjoyed it more than Dorian. He just enjoyed being with Nerium and watching her smile and dance her way through the social waterways. It was something to behold. Also the dresses she wore made his brain stop. She seemed to think it was a fun game to see in what ways she could make his brain stop. Dorian really didn't mind.
Then after about a week, something happened. While at the Unconquered Sun's temple to look at its architecture, he heard a voice say it was time for him to increase his understanding of essence. It was a voice that wasn't his but still seemed familiar. It told him of a ruin nearby that he should visit, but he should come prepared and alone. When he told Nerium about it, she sighed, kissed him and said do what you have to do. I'll be here when you get back. Besides I'm filthy rich now, will live for thousands of years, and I'm staying in a party city. I guess I can tough it out while you go roughing it in some ruin. But you had better come back, or the Sun as my witness I will come get you. The last bit was said with a smile, and that lead to a very long kiss.
In the morning, after goodbyes, he headed out with a pack mule loaded down with supplies. He had a long walk ahead. First however he visited Annika, and let her know that he would be a while before making it to the ruins her mother was at. She didn't look very happy still but she said she'd pass on the information. Afterwards he headed out of the city.
He walked for a week, and all that time he knew exactly where he was. As if he had walked it before. When he came to the ruin. He actually felt the ruin before he saw it. It was a Solar manse, though a very weak one. The ruin he knew covered what he was there for.
When he approached it the ruins above ground slid back revealing a stairway down into a well lit area underneath. Inside was a number of books all handwritten. Dorian was sure he had written them in a previous life. This manse didn't produce a hearthstone but the center of the underground section had a raised dais that Dorian knew was the center of this solar manse. The ideal place to go and meditate in a quiet area to raise ones essence without being disturbed. There was also a bunk and a table with a chair. There was also a small fountain of clean water.
After flipping through a number of the books it was clear that the author knew far more about magitech than Dorian and he found them fascinating. While he wasn't meditating, he read them all. After 2 months and 2 weeks, it all finally locked into his mind and he gained the next level of essence control. When it happened it also unlocked something in the essence itself. He understood first age technology and essence manipulation to a much finer degree.
He then shaved, cleaned up and left, leading the mule back to great forks and back into the waiting arms of Nerium, who said that it took you long enough, I was getting ready to replace you with a boy t-. She stopped when he kissed her so long that she couldn't remember when she last drew breath. My gods I missed you, he said. There were a couple of eww sounds from the kids. Who he chased down and tickled.
That night, he looked at Nerium and said I think its time to head back to Nexus. She smiled and said good because I'd hate to think the child we made would be born anywhere else. And after the shock wore off Dorian's face and his smile crept across it, he kissed her again, and said how do you keep making me so happy? Nerium purred, You're easy. Dorian's brain melted shortly after.

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Re: Session 14 (10/10) Recaps

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Session 14-2: Down a river, stop when you can walk on it. Hand up a fox's behind.

Nerium shaded her eyes in the sunlight off the water. They were traveling down river back to Nexus, and there wasn't much to see out this way. Mostly fields and the occasional tree. She sat next to Dorian, and held onto his arm tightly. She hadn't let him be away from her since he got back from his 3 month camping trip. She had missed him way more than she thought she would. Love, go figure. She wasn't planning on letting him leave her sight until she stopped worrying that he'd not come back. She knew part of this was being pregnant, hormones or whatever. What made her smile is that Dorian knew she didn't want him away from her. So he was always near her. He would even wait in the door if he thought he was to far ahead. The nerd made her blush all the time. Probably just hormones. Yeah that's it.

Even though she was about 4 months into pregnancy, she hadn't started to show it. She was vaguely worried about it, but since she hadn't been pregnant before, she really had no idea how it worked with a half-neomah. She knew the baby was fine. One of the perks of her demon blood. She also knew it was a girl. Or had she made it a girl? It was kinda hard to explain. She had told Dorian, and had asked him for ideas on names and the name they had agreed on had been Victoria, after his mother. Yup little Victoria Duskholme. She couldn't stop smiling.

While Dorian had been away, she had been buying slaves. She bought as many as she could without offending anyone. She then had freed them and given them jobs as servants. Its what Dorian would have done anyway. Nerium had also tried to buy up as many of the Djala slaves as possible. She knew Dorian was planning some sort of artifact manufacturing guild takeover thing. And the djala, the short ones anyway, had a knack with magitech. Maybe they could help him with that. If not she was still freeing slaves so it was a win win. It was also why they had to rent the entire barge train going downriver. Nerium was very good at bargaining.

So now they were heading back to Nexus, Dorian was starting to worry. He was worried about teaching their other children. She thought it was funny when he'd ask her if his lesson ideas made sense. He wanted the lessons to be fun and interesting. The little nerd, he did make her smile when practicing the rabbit voice with a hand puppet, like it was a Bastion street opera performance. Just to make sure he got it right when reading a story to them. He was also worried about the yankie tool. That one she could help him with when they made it back. Right now his only plan was improvise. Nerium didn't like that plan. She would make sure it wasn't the plan for long.

She smiled while Dorian read his well rehearsed story book to a wide eyed audience. Funny, the man with the terrible rabbit puppet on his hand doing a very silly voice is one of the dreaded anathema. She didn't have much time to laugh about it to much, putting on the fox puppet. She had lines to read and she wasn't about to mess them up. So this is having a family, she thought, as she sat down with Dorian, and recited the lines in her best fox voice. She had no idea it could be so good.

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