Session 12 (9/12) Recaps

Nexus has an Exalted infestation, and no one--not even the Exalted themselves--know who, how many, or why.
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Session 12 (9/12) Recaps

Postby Fulminata » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:35 pm


9/12/2015 – Session 12 – 9, Descending Water – Auspicious Returns

The gate to heaven in Nexus was housed in a very large and active warehouse, essentially right in the middle of town, under everyone's nose. Not-Liric simply presented his disguise papers to the lion dogs charged with guarding it and stepped out. Unipug trailed, dematerialized.

Not-Liric's first order of business was to try to find someone he knew. He thought Dorian might be the most likely to understand. He went to the estate and presented himself as Kiritgad, recently arrived in Nexus, a scholar of medicine and alchemy, who had heard of Mr. Duskholme's reputation and hoped to make the acquaintance of a fellow scholar, if the timing was not inconvenient, thank you.

Not-Liric was shown to a small waiting room. He activated his spirit sight charm. Nothing unusual, just a unipug looking around quizzically at his feet. A few minutes later Dorian poked his head in the room. He turned his head sideways just a bit, as if studying the situation.

"Liric, what are you doing in that disguise? And why do you have a unipug following you?"

"Is that Alya?" came a question from near not-Liric's feet.

Not-Liric just sighed. It was like Dorian to do his best to not act surprised by anything.

"I've been to heaven," replied not-Liric. Fine. If you want to play cryptic, fine. I can, too.

"That's nice. I'm getting ready for a party tonight. Would you like to come?"

"Uh, I'm..." Nuts. Can't win. "I'm afraid after today I'm rather partied out. I just wanted to let you know I'll be staying at an apartment in Sentinel Hill for the near future. Also... that I look like this, on account of the Wyld Hunt... and... things. I don't suppose you've seen Alya by any chance?"

"No, haven't seen her. But you're welcome to come to the party if you change your mind."



"Ok, Dorian, thanks, I'll keep it in mind, but I'm really kind of tired after today."

"Alright, see you later then."

Not-Liric left and stood for a moment on the walk outside.

"Was that Alya?"

"No. That...." What, exactly, was unipug supposed to do when they found Alya? Had he been given some secret artifact that would call down a celestial hit squad to his current location? More likely he would run off and ... bark frantically at the Nexus gate? "No, that was just Dorian," sighed not-Liric. He's nobody to be concerned about."

Not-Liric began to walk off, then noticed a war wagon parked next door to Dorian's estate with emblems indicating it was being used by the Wyld Hunt. There were a couple of monks on the lawn practicing a kata. And that was something to be concerned about. Not-Liric turned on his heel and took the long way home.

The apartment on Sentinel Hill was quite nice. Liric removed part of the disguise. He wondered how long he would need to keep it up. He spent the rest of the evening looking more closely at the identify papers he had been given. Unipug spent the evening looking out the window – for Alya. He would occasionally ask if someone he saw on a street outside might be Alya. After the first few times, Liric got tired of checking and just asked Unipug for a description from across the room. None of them were Alya. However, one of them was "a bright light flying up in the sky." Liric looked out and saw the familiar sight of Fandris' anima flying away quickly. He was coming from somewhere very near Dorian's estate... or next door. "No, that's definitely not Alya," Liric mumbled. "She wouldn't be all silver." He hoped nothing too troublesome was happening. For now, though, he was useful to... someone, so he would trust in the disguise and see what he could do with it the next day.

The next day, not-Liric went to the School of Philosophy, happy to have spent the night unvisited by anyone in a silver mask unhappy that he had left Nexus. (Maybe going through the gate doesn't technically count as leaving?) Unipug trailed along, asking if Alya would be there. "Maybe," was not-Liric's answer. It was actually a quite good educational institution, and the campus seemed unusually busy. He stopped a passing student, said he had just arrived in town, and needed to see an administrator, and hoped he hadn't arrived at an inconvenient time due to all the activity. He learned that there was a dragon-blood giving a lecture on demon summoning. Great. And I'm the irresponsible danger to creation. He was happy to learn that administration was in the opposite direction to the lecture hall where most everyone seemed to be heading.

Unfortunately there he ran into the guest dragon-blood lecturer and her summoned blood apes. Not-Liric was just about to round a corner when he heard her and smelled them. He stopped, tried to back up a bit and sneak into a side room, but was heard. A very large blood ape stomped around the corner and glared down at him. Spotted, not-Liric thought it best to just stay put until its Mistress arrived, which she did a moment later, since running implied guilt... for something. Fortunately, it was only a brief exchange, and not-Liric failed to make any special impression on her after apologizing profusely for interrupting her conversation. He had never been so happy to be thought of as a nobody after she went on her way.

He also apologized to the director, explaining that he had just arrived in town and would never intentionally bother him or create trouble had he realized today would be something of a special occasion, but the director seemed happy that someone had finally interrupted them. He looked over not-Liric's credentials, which indicated he was a beginning Thaumateurgy instructor specializing in alchemy. Not-Liric was sure given his medical, occult, and other esoteric knowledge he could fake any basic skills unless asked to actually make something. Not-Liric said he would likely be in town for sure only three months, and after that ... well, it would depend on how things were working out.

Despite his interview skills, not-Liric was given a minor lecturing position that would keep the apartment paid for. He checked in to the very modest facilities he had been given, then decided he might go and blend in with the crowd at the dragon-blood's lecture.

The lecture hall was packed, and not-Liric was able to get a perfect spot at the back in the standing section where he was likely be go completely unnoticed. He did use his spirit sight charm to look around during the lecture to see if anything unusual was going on. He didn't see anything. Based on her comments, he didn't think she was actively involved with the Wyld Hunt, and she would be giving another series of lectures later on. She did not actually summon a demon.

When the lecture ended, not-Liric saw a fire-aspected dragon-blood heading in the general direction of the lecture hall against the crowd. He was in full armor. Not-Liric wondered what might be up, but didn't think it worth the risk to go back and check. It was nearing the end of the day, so he went back to his apartment.

The next day not-Liric went back to the School and spent most of the morning preparing a few basic lectures. He began with proper distillation techniques for purifying Nexus river water, then essential occult properties of common medicinal herbs (in three parts) and a couple others that seemed dry enough to ensure a lack of close student attention while still retaining actual academic merit.

Eventually around midday he realized Unipug had stopped asking questions about Alya. Not-Liric took a little break and looked around for Unipug but couldn't find him. He also took the time to treat all the papers from Oro with an alchemical compound that would cause the papers to burn in an instantaneous flash if exposed to any type of flame.

Unipug showed up a few hours later, though. He said that Alya was at the Guild Tower where there was a trap waiting for her. Both curious (about what Unipug had been up to on his own) and alarmed (that Unipug had been up to anything on his own), not-Liric left the campus and went to the Guild Towers where... nothing happened.

Unipug insisted that there was a person Alya really wanted to murder who was going to be here. They looked around the courtyard, lobby, most places not-Liric could publicly go without attracting any attention. Nothing. Not-Liric was getting tired and irritated. He thought he might try going to find someone who might know anything. He had heard that Jampa had recently acquired a teahouse, so he decided to check it out. When he got there, though, he realized that the teahouse was being watched by at least three different factions, and they were not necessarily aware of or working with each other. He had no idea what might have brought this level of surveillance on, but as he had just got a decent working disguise and his real name was known (at least to the Council) as a likely if not known anathema, he thought it best to leave the teahouse for now and reconsider his options. So he went back to his apartment.

At his apartment, not-Liric found a really nice carriage and Hooded Executioners and a Council member, all looking for Liric. Not not-Liric, but Liric. They had his description. Not Liric, but not-Liric. Unipug began acting very servile and submissive. Liric began to get a nasty feeling about some of the things he may have been up to while out on his own. However, they didn't have the Wyld Hunt with them, so I couldn't get that bad. Maybe.

The Councilor was Master Gen, The Minister of Ways, who was in charge of overseeing taxes. He was very unhappy. He took Liric to a warehouse that had been sealed off. Inside was another carriage with two dead bodies inside. One was Arys Shen, the Guild hierarch who put the hit out on Alya. The other was a bodyguard. They had been killed while in the carriage, while the carriage was traveling down a street, and nobody knew anything until the carriage stopped. Liric checked things over. Yes, damage to the carriage floor and wounds on the bodies consistent with those that would be made by a chain daiklave, like Alya's. Liric checked it out with his spirit sight, also. Nothing, except Unipug lying on the ground on his back between Liric and Gen.

Liric began questioning Unipug about what he had been up to that afternoon, and, yes, Unipug had been in contact with Gen. It took a moment for Liric to really process that. Unipug had received an audience with at least one member of the Council. Okay.... and then Gen began ranting about how the Solars weren't doing their jobs and were just making a mess of things. Liric just listened while he talked. It took him several moments to really process that. Gen looked to be very old and a bit crazy, but he was a councilor – the one they let handle a great deal of the money – so he couldn't be that crazy. But he seemed to know quite a bit about the exalted in the city. Liric finally asked him if he could be a bit more specific, such as the exalted he was talking about who had been in the city during, say, the past month. Gen quickly listed off every Solar Liric had met, and seemed to indicate a couple of people he hadn't, also.

He has his own sources. The half-neomah never had all these names. Hayle would not have.... they don't share information. Hayle never knew – either this or from the Emissary. Who are you really and how do you know this? Liric was picking up nothing with his spirit sight as Gen continued to rant. Gotta be some god blood, or something. Maybe a little crazy from awakened mortal essence, something. But he wants Solars to make the city better. Really doesn't like Lunars or Alya, but otherwise is complaining that the Solars aren't making it better, and that the Wyld Hunt will have to get involved – which means the Council, or at least this Councilor, has not given the Wyld Hunt liberty to operate at will in the city, but they might, but he would rather have the Solars rebuilding the city than being chased out of it or hunted down in it.

"Alright," interrupted Liric, "What exactly do you need me to do?"

"Get rid of Alya," hissed Gen. "Just get her out of the city any way you can!"

Liric noted that he did not mention assassinating, killing, or turning her over to the Wyld Hunt or anything involving a conspiracy of celestial forces. He wasn't sure that any of those options wouldn't also be acceptable, though.

"Get her out today!"

"Wait, today? Um, that's really not a lot of time. I was thinking maybe more like..."

"Two days!" exclaimed Gen. "You have two days to get rid of her. Just get her out before anything ... more ... like ..." He seemed to be grasping for just the right words to convey his outrage and exasperation. "... THIS! happens," he finished, madly gesturing to the carriage with the bodies.

"Alright, then, in two day, we need to talk about progress, so if we met... actually, you will just find me, won't you?"

"Just. Find. Alya."

"Right. Unipug, we're going."

Unipug crawled after Liric trying to simultaneously keep his stomach turned up and his tail between his legs but still moving so as not to be left behind in the presence of Master Gen.

What in the world possessed you to go to a councilor – no, that councilor, and what in the world possessed him to pay any attention to you?

Nevermind the surveillance, Liric needed answers, and fast. He headed directly for Jampa's teahouse. A couple of blocks before he got there, though, he realized it was on fire. People were on the scene already. It was contained, but he really though maybe he should go. But if that wasn't the Wyld Hunt's doing... what's going on? He felt he really ought to stay and try to help. But he really needed to work out something to try to find Alya in the next two days. People were there; it was being handled; and there wasn't anything he could do to fix the damage already done, Liric finally reasoned, and headed to his apartment to try to think of a plan.

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Re: Session 12 (9/12) Recaps

Postby Fulminata » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:37 pm


Session 12: A Job Is A Job

The papers spread around her, Jampa focuses on each one in turn, absorbing both the form and function of each one. Receipts, regulations, forms, accounting pages, meeting minutes, they all lay spread before her.


Dorje quickly picks up the mass of papers and spreads a new set down. Jampa looks at the first, a purchase order for a load of maiden tea. As one part of her brain thinks about the correct way to fill it out, another brings to mind the organization of the local supplier and identifies the man responsible for accepting orders, as well as the woman responsible for actually filling them. She realizes that a word to the latter would greatly expedite fulfillment. Her gaze moves to the next paper and begins a similar process.

None of these have a bearing on the job she’s been tasked to do: creating a trade caravan. Instead, she is studying, expanding her mind, teaching it to use her inner essence to see patterns and gain insight into the working of bureaucracy. Once she is sure of her ability to do that, then she will be able to return to the task facing her.

She finishes the last of the current set of papers in front of her.

“Enough, time for a break, Dorje.” Jampa smiles at her new bodyguard and stands up from the pillow she’d been sitting on. She walks to the nearest window and throws it open, looking out onto the city. “Go get us some tea, I can take care of myself for a few minutes.”

Dorje nods and leaves.

As Jampa continues to look out she sees a silver flare and sighs. Once again, Fandris’ anima shows out over the city, but not from the Firewander this time. Instead, it is coming from near where Dorian’s estate is. She frowns, hoping that everything is alright, or at least not so bad that they can’t handle it.

An hour later, she is back to studying when the door slams open and Norbu strides into the room.

“Wyld Hunt. We leave, now.”

“Where.. who.. what?” Jampa tries to clear her head from images of request orders and focuse on what is going on.

“Earth and Fire caste, armed and in armor and looking like they mean business. It’s best we don’t stop to see what kind of business, unless you want me to eliminate them?” Norbu looks questioningly at Jampa.

“No, I guess not. Better we leave.”

Norbu nods. “Then we must leave now.”

Jampa grabs the papers that relate to the organization of the caravan, and follows Norbu down the stairs and out the back.

A little while later she stands in Margizian’s office.

“So, I can’t really focus on this job while I’m at the teahouse, so I was hoping you had a spare room I could hole up in until it was done.”

“Of course! My home is your castle! I find you a good room, out of the way, yes? But I have my good assistant do it. I have lots of job too, and even more distraction! Aye, the whole job is distraction I think sometimes, but you don’t have time to hear my woes and I don’t have time to tell them! Carliya!” A woman comes into the room. “Find Jampa a place she can office in, yes? Jampa, we eat later when we both have done at least some of our jobs, yes?”

Margizian waves them away, and Carliya leads them through the halls to an unused bedroom. “I’ll have someone bring you a desk and chair, is there anything else you need?”

“Yes, a runner if you have one to spare, then I can get to work.”

“Of course, just let me know if you need anything else.”

Carliya then leaves Jampa, Norbu, and Dorje to themselves.

“Well, back to work then”

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