Session 10 (7/25) Recaps

Nexus has an Exalted infestation, and no one--not even the Exalted themselves--know who, how many, or why.
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Session 10 (7/25) Recaps

Postby Fulminata » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:22 pm


7/25/2015 – Session 10 – 1, Descending Water – Missing (or, Preparations for a Party)

[Note: Missed this session. So here is the way things totally went down in preparation for the next session. Yes, taking liberty with several NPCs and at least one Ally. But this is really how it happened.]

Dramatis Personæ Factio

I-Shij-Shem – God of a food animal twice yeddim-size that went extinct during the contagion
The Matron – Tall, stern, unsmiling, clad in black, always holding an unmarked wooden stick with knuckle-shaped indentions along its length.
Oro – A Rat
Tximeleta – 2-foot tall winged butterfly goddess completely colored in uniform drab gray
Unipug – God of unipugs, an extinct animal companion.

Additional Characters:
A chauffeur (not a sidereal)
A waitress (also not a sidereal)

Additonal Characters Not Appearing:
Alya – A Bad Person
Liric – A Victim
Not-A-Sidereal – Not a Sidereal
The Incarna – Lords of Heaven

* * * *

SCENE – A shabby teahouse on the edge of a seedier district of Yu-Shan. The Personæ except Oro sitting at a table inside.

[ALL] ...
[I-SHIJ-SHEM] <sighs> I'm hungry.
[THE MATRON] We will wait. He will be here shortly.
[ALL] ...
[UNIPUG] <squirms in seat> I need to...
[THE MATRON] <stiffly> We. Will. Wait.
[UNIPUG] <very quietly> Yes, ma'am.
[ALL] ...

OUTSIDE – A rickshaw comes and sits near the teahouse. ORO emerges and enters the teahouse. ORO's astonishingly attractive chauffeur waits outside the teahouse, as if watching for something. He casually leans against the side of the building and the top button of his shirt carelessly comes undone of its own accord.

[ORO] Ah, hello, everyone! I must apologize for the delay. Mercury has taken the lead in the games three times in the past hour and you know what that does to traffic.
[THE MATRON] Oro. It is pleasant of you to come.
[I-SHIJ-SHEM] Are you hungry?
[ORO] What? Er...
[TXIMELETA] Yes, it really is so thoughtful of you to come. Please, have a seat.
[ORO] <sitting and motioning a waitress to the table> You are most gracious. Tea, everyone? My treat.
[I-SHIJ-SHEM] I'm hungry.
[WAITRESS] <approaches table>
[ORO] <to waitress> Five of the house finest. But I think we will forego the ceremony today.
[WAITRESS] <raises a single eyebrow, but says nothing. departs.>
[ORO] Now, have you had a chance to discuss the, ah... proposal?
[UNIPUG] I had a question about...
[THE MATRON]<interrupting> Yes. We have agreed. We will lend our assistance and bring at least one other who is sympathetic.
[ORO] <smiles rattily>
[TXIMELETA] Well... yes. Though, in return ... well, the nature of compensation...
[ORO] <waves hand dismissively> I have had the recent good fortune to progress within the bureaucracy. It gives one perspective, you know? I see Yu-Shan. I see creation. I see the state of both. I see the opportunity to share my good fortune, with the potentials for all involved. You can help me, and I, in return, can help you, all in one move. Your gratitude, really, is quite enough.... Though if you insist on additional arrangements...
[TXIMELETA] Oh, no, thank you. I really am quite grateful, really.
[ORO] <smiles rattily>
[WAITRESS] <returns with a teatray and service in two hands and cups and saucers in the other four. places service on the table. departs>
[ORO] <picks up the teapot and begins to pour> Excellent. Shall we?
[UNIPUG] But I still had a question about... Alya?
[ORO] Oh?
[UNIPUG] Well, isn't she supposed to be... a... you know...
[ORO] Many people are supposed to be good, responsible, helpful ... useful ... all these things. Unfortunately, some people are simply not. It is regrettable. Alya has done bad things. And now she has enemies.
[UNIPUG] But... then... the other person you said would help us... wasn't he also supposed to be... a...
[ORO] Yes... but that's different. He's useful. Helpful.
[UNIPUG] But if we are going to... you know... help them, to get our things back... why do we need to...
[THE MATRON] <interrupting> Because she is bad!
[UNIPUG] <looks sad and unhappy>
[THE MATRON] <Tapping her stick lightly on the table, as if out of old habit> Now, now, there's no need to look like that. Humans tend to get what humans tend to deserve. It is just that simple. And necessary.
[UNIPUG] <still looking sad and unhappy> But...
[THE MATRON] <Waves stick above UNIPUG's head> She's Bad! Do you understand? Bad! And has done very bad things. Just imagine what a bad person like that would do to ... something like ... oh ... puppies. Isn't that right, Oro?
[ORO] Um, Oh... yes, quite.
[TXIMELETA] <very quietly> Is she ugly?
[ORO] Well, I suppose... well, yes, from certain particular angles, extremely.
[TXIMELETA] I don't like ugly things. <Bitterly glances at her wings, then quickly flips them behind her back. They change shape into a smaller, less ornate set of wings, but retain the dull gray color, creating a sprinkling of gray scales above the table that slowly fall into the tea. Tembles for a moment, then buries head into hands and starts to cry.>
[I-SHIJ-SHEM] <sticks out an unexpectedly long tongue and catches a few scales and seems to deeply analyze their flavor, then looks very disappointed.>
[THE MATRON] <Begins tapping stick again>
[UNIPUG] But, we're helping one, but another...
[ORO] That's the deal. It really is quite unfortunate, but ... some things need to be recycled. To a better place. That's all.
[UNIPUG] <exasperated, and indicating ORO's chauffeur> But then, which side is he on?
[ALL] <extremely uncomfortable silence that lasts too long>
[ORO] <looks panicky and vaguely sick, but says nothing>
[THE MATRON] What do you mean? He is on our side, of course. He's obviously just helping.
[ALL] <sighs of relief all around>

OUTSIDE: <a small strip of paper floats away from Oro's chauffeur then vanishes in a puff of essence>

[UNIPUG] <Looking briefly puzzled> Well, since you put it like that. And if she really is bad...
[ORO] <Relieved> Naturally. Now that we all understand each other, is there anything else?
[THE MATRON] This person who is going to help. He can track down this Alya?
[ORO] Oh yes. Incredible investigation skills. Very difficult to hide anything from him.
[UNIPUG] <begins to happily lap at his tea, making quite of lot of noise and wet mess on the table>
[THE MATRON] <pretending not to notice UNIPUG> And... afterward? He is skillful? Educated? Punctual?
[ORO] Of course. Completely literate. In multiple languages, too. And travels, yes. Very learned.
[TXIMELETA] And can make pretty things?
[ORO] <signs> Tximeleta dear, he's in Nexus right now. Nexus. We need to have a bit of patience. It's all that he has to work with. Now, with a bit of time, I'm sure, yes. What is the phrase... he still needs to “build the tools that will build the tools?” Yes? You want him to do it right, don't you? Make it permanent, don't you?
[TXIMELETA] <sniffs, sheds single gray tear, nods head.>
[I-SHIJ-SHEM] Is he hungry?
[ORO] I tell you what, I just had an idea. With so much that he needs to do, I'm sure he would appreciate any extra help you could give him. Perhaps you have some notes or records in your sanctum? You know, plans? Suitable for building and crafting? Or you might discreetly fetch something suitable from the appropriate department over the next week or two? Then make your own annotations for improvements? Yes, everyone?
[ALL] <murmurings of approval from all except THE MATRON>

OUTSIDE – Oro's chauffeur runs the fingers of one hand through his thick hair as if bored. Another rogue shirt button pops open in his moment of distraction.

[ORO] Well, it's getting a bit late. I – or someone – will let you know the particulars of the formal meeting when everything is in place and transportation for our ... guest ... has been arranged.
[UNIPUG] So we just help get Alya and then we get our domains back? Lets go!
[UNIPUG] <Jumps from table, bounds out the door. Stops momentarily to lift his back leg near the outside corner of the teashop. Then runs on his way.>
[ALL] ...
[THE MATRON] Oro, one more thing. Has our guest actually been informed of everything and has agreed? Or will there be... persuasion?
[ORO] <slowly> He is aware of some details... yes.
[THE MATRON] Tximeleta, I-Shej-Shem, did you have any other questions for our new friend here?
[TXIMELETA] Er, no ma'am. <flies away from the table and departs>
[I-SHIJ-SHEM] <wordlessly departs> <mutters to himself as he exits the door> But I'm still hungry...
[THE MATRON] <In a low voice> Oro dear, you don't actually know what I've lost, do you? Did you even bother finding out anything meaningful about the others beyond determining they might be able to help you advance another little step?
[ORO] <glancing at the unmarked but knuckle-pocked stick> Well, really, I...
[THE MATRON] Now, now, lies are unbecoming. Oro dear, your little copper spider had best be very well behaved. For everyone's sake.
[THE MATRON] <slowly rises from the table> <departs>
[ORO] ...
[WAITRESS] <walks by the table and casually drops a bill in front of ORO>
[ORO] ...
[ORO] <gets up, leaves a few amborsia pieces on the table, departs>

OUTSIDE – Oro getting into the rickshaw, turning around to watch THE MATRON disappear down the street

[ORO] <to the chauffeur> Okay, who was she, and what have I not been told?


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Re: Session 10 (7/25) Recaps

Postby Fulminata » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:26 pm


Session 10: Grand Opening

“So glad you could make it!”

“Welcome, welcome, please, have a seat!”

“Yes, of course, I’ll pass your compliments on to the brewmaster!”

The Grand Re-Opening (under new management) of the Resplendent House of the Golden Blossom was going wonderfully, but Jampa was questioning her decision to personally oversee the event. It was only a couple of days ago that she’d been tossed halfway across the Firewander District by a behemoth, and now she was spending the day walking between tables, greeting new customers, and making sure that everything was running smoothly behind the scenes.

She’d only taken over the business a few days ago, buying out the odious man who had previously run the place. She had given a short speech to the employees, explaining the change in ownership and offering to keep on those who wished to stay. A few left, including the old brewmaster, but most stayed. The head chef appeared to be a competent man, and after a thorough interview, she decided to put him in charge of the day to day operations while she and Norbu worked on the redecorating, minor renovations, and hiring of new staff.

Replacing the missing staff was not too difficult once word got out that there had been a change in management, and they lucked into a really talented new brewmaster. Once all the positions had been filled, Jampa called an all-hands meeting, thanked them for their help, and then gave them a private performance using a charm to encourage their devotion to her. That last bit was something she had hesitated to do, but with the Wyld Hunt coming for a visit she thought it best to make sure of her employees’ loyalty.

After making one more round of the common room, Jampa decides she needs a break and heads upstairs, Dorje and Norbu following. Once there she falls into one of the oversized pillows on the floor.

“Why’d I do this again?”

Norbu snorts, “I don’t’ know, something about the Guild, but I said we should just head out and wander Creation.”

Dorje chuckles softly before returning to his normal professional stoicism.

Looking at the fine male form that Norbu has taken for today’s event, Jampa wonders whether or not traveling creation with him wouldn’t be the better choice, when her thoughts are interrupted by a gentle knocking at the door.

“Come in!”

A young waiter named Haidar sticks his head in the door timidly, “Ma'am, there’s a Dorian Duskholme downstairs who requests your presence.”

Jampa smiles, “Ah, good. I was hoping he would stop by. Tell him I’ll be right down!”

Haidar disappears and Jampa rises from her brief rest and straightens her clothes. “OK, time to play hostess again.”

Coming down the stairs, Jampa is met by Haidar, who points towards the booth where Dorian has been seated. It is not hard to pick out, as a couple of his mercenary guards flank the entrance. Jampa thanks the boy and goes to the booth. As she enters she can see Dorian and Nerium.

“Thank you for coming!”

“It’s my pleasure.”

Jampa goes through the spiel she’s been giving to everyone, but perhaps meaning it a bit more, then they get down to business.

“Liric is missing. He appears to have been abducted from his room by someone in a flying vehicle.”

“The Wyld Hunt?”

“There doesn’t appear to have been much of a struggle, and he appears to have been kidnapped, not killed, so probably not, but it’s worrying.”

This disturbing news is just sinking in when she notices a change in the atmosphere coming from the main room behind her. She turns her head to see an unwelcome figure has entered.

“Excuse me, I must go greet another guest.”

‘Uncle’ Tynam Vadim, the previous owner of the tea house has been reluctantly led to a seat and had his order taken by the time he spots Jampa.

“Jampa! Come here! I love what you’ve done with the place!”

He has grabbed one of the waitresses and has her on his lap.

Jampa moves to the table, her smile is not artificial, but only because she is thinking about how this man no longer holds power here, even though he obviously feels that he does. She grabs the hand of the waitress and pulls her up, “you need to attend to your tables!” She gently pushes the girl away, getting between her and Vadim so he can’t grab her back into his lap.

“Thank you, but it’s only because I had such wonderful material to begin with.”

Vadim leers briefly at the backside of the departing waitress before turning back to Jampa. “Oh now, I know that I had let the place run down some ever since I lost my third wife, but you’ve done wonders with it, especially on such a tight schedule! I’m curious though what you did with the upstairs rooms. You are renting them out, yes?”

“Yes, there are a couple available.”

“Good, good, I’d like to secure one for the evening, and then you can send up young Haidar to join me.”

Jampa barely keeps her smile from slipping, “I’m afraid they are more for weekly or monthly lease.”

“Oh, come now, you can let me sample them for a night, eh?” the man winks at her.

“Ah, excuse me, I need to go check on something in the kitchen, I will be back.”

Jampa hastily makes her escape from the man and goes to talk with her new brewmaster.

“Can you make a fast acting sleeping draught?”

“Yes, I think I have the ingredients for something like that.”

“Good, good, make one up and put it into a serving of the house special, please.”

As Jampa nervously waits for the brewmaster to finish his concoction, she notices Haidar cowering in a corner. He comes over to her and she comforts him with a hug, and mumbles reassurance to him. When the doctored tea is ready, she takes it out to Vadim. Dorian now sits across from the man, and appears to be staring him down. Jampa can tell that words have been exchanged and while she didn’t catch them, she can guess what they were. The room has quietened significantly as the attention of many has shifted to the table where they sit.

Jampa approaches Vadim, and pours him a cup of tea. “Please, try this new brew with my compliments, then we can perhaps discuss what arrangements can be made.”

Appearing pleased that he has been singled out for the honor of trying the tea, he takes a sip.

Jampa turns and whispers to Dorian, “give it a minute, when it starts affecting him, then you can have him removed.”

“Waitress! Something to spice this up a bit!” Vadim calls out.

Jampa nods to the waitress and she goes to get some alcohol to add to the tea.

She watches him drink half the pot she brought without much effect, but finally he starts to show signs of drunkenness if nothing else. Dorian orders his men to escort him from the premises and they drag him outside.

The atmosphere improves and things become festive once more. Nerium and Jampa both take turns singing on the stage. Dorian and Nerium take a turn on the dance floor. Everyone is much impressed and the size of the crowd grows.

Things go quite well, despite some of the staff seeming to have taken a collective break shortly after Vadim was ejected.

By the time Dorian and his escorts leave, things are going quite nicely. He stops to hand Jampa a card.

“This is the mercenary company I use, I recommend them to increase your security so that you don’t have any further incidents.”

“Thank you, I will contact them tomorrow”

With that Dorian leaves and the Grand Opening continues.

Several hours later, Jampa is shaken gently awake.

“Dorian’s back,” Norbu says.

Jampa gets out of bed, realizes that at some point she had gotten undressed and grabs a robe to cover herself. Norbu is still dressed from earlier, and Jampa wonders if he’s slept at all.

“What does he want?”

Norbu shrugs.

Jampa heads out, Dorje stands waiting for them outside the bedroom and follows as they move past him.

“I made a deal with the god of Cinnabar and I thought you might want in on it, plus I need someone to seal it for us.” Dorian looks at Jampa knowingly on that last bit, obviously referring to her talents as an Eclipse Caste.

“Certainly, I take it it’s something we need to do now?”

“The sooner, the better.”

“OK, let’s go then.” Jampa hesitates for a moment, “as soon as I change.”

After putting on some clothes, Jampa joins everyone else as they pile into one of Dorian’s luxurious coaches and head off.

Jampa finds the “negotiations” quite entertaining as they take the form of well done kabuki theater. She lets them go on for a bit, but when she notices that Dorian appears to be in physical pain from the performance, she diplomatically moves the final stages into a more traditional format. Soon the contracts are signed, and with a glow of her caste mark and a three way handshake, the deal is sealed.

The main part of the deal involves Okuni, god of Cinnabar, remaining silent when asked about the presence of Celestial Exalted by the Wyld Hunt. A smaller part promises that Okuni will have a performance at the Golden Blossom dedicated to him, and may soon visit the establishment.

Dorian returns Jampa and her companions to the tea house, where she gratefully sinks back into bed.

After finally getting a decent amount of sleep, Jampa awakes and prepares for another busy day. First, she puts back on her dressing robe and preps an area for prayer. Setting out a few choice pieces that she thinks Oro might like, she begins to pray to him. It is not long before one of his servants appears in the form of a large rat. They converse as to why she would like to see Oro, and she has a tray of cheese brought in for the servant to sample as they wait.

Soon, Oro himself manifests, looking much better than the last time she saw him.

“It is good to see you well, you are well?”

“Yes, I’m on… vacation, but I’m doing well.”

“That’s good to hear. I’m afraid that your place of business is not doing so well. Last I saw it was burning down.”

Oro sighs. “It is not the first time that I have lost the Mockingbird.”

“Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.”

“You have some nice information to share?” Oro looks hopeful.

“The Wyld Hunt appears to be coming to town.”

“Ah, hm, yes, ah, I see.” Oro tries to look surprised.

“So, Liric appears to be missing. Do you know anything about that?”

“Ah, well, I might know about where he is.”

“And that is?”

“The Blessed Isle, but not the Blessed Isle.”

Jampa looks confused. Oro sighs again. “I forget how new you are to this. Ask your friend Dorian, he can explain it better.”

“He’s safe though? Liric?”

“Ah, for now, I believe so.”

“OK then, I wanted to ask you some about the gods of Nexus…”

Oro lists the gods and their most distinguishing personality traits, and Jampa notices an exception.

“And the god of Firewander?”

“Ah, yes, well he’s not spoken of much, he’s quite ancient.”

“So, the god of Hollow then is the god of Firewander?”

Oro chokes a bit, “We really don’t speak about it, there are … reasons.”

Jampa chooses not to press the issue, and returns to offering the small god some more cheese.

She leaves Oro to finish his cheese, giving him an open invitation to visit when he wishes. She then returns to her bedroom and changes into something more appropriate for the public before making a brief tour of the tea house and heading out to the Duskholme estate.

She arrives around the same time as Fandris. Once they are all in a secure room, Dorian begins.

“There’s a dragon blooded emissary from the Realm in Nexus named Kylah. She’s almost certainly part of the Wyld Hunt, and I’m supposed to attend a party being held for her.”

Norbu looks pointedly at Jampa.

“I think we may need to head to Great Forks then. Norbu has been urging I go, and if they’re actually here, then it’s probably a good idea.”

Dorian does not look surprised at this, but his expression changes some as Jampa continues.

“I do have some good news though, possibly. I know where Liric is, Oro said he’s ‘in the Blessed Isle but not the Blessed Isle’ and that he was safe for now, do you know what that means?”

“Yes, it means he’s in Heaven.”

“Heaven? So, he’s dead?”

“No, not dead, not yet anyway. Did Oro say if he was responsible for Liric being there?”

“Um, no I didn’t ask.”

Dorian sighs, “well, at least we know where he is, not that we can do anything about it.”

The discussion goes on a bit longer before Jampa takes her leave.

Norbu returns to the inn, and Dorje accompanies her to Hayle’s residence, taking a seat in the waiting room as Jampa continues on into Hayle’s private quarters.

They enjoy each others company for a bit before Jampa brings up the issue she’s been dreading.

“So, it looks like I need to take a trip to Great Forks.”

“Guild business?” Hayle asks with a very slight frostiness to his voice.

“No, business, but just related to the tea house. I need to establish some new supply sources, and a hands on visit seems to be the most efficient way to get things done.”

Hayle nods and the frostiness evaporates. “That makes sense, perhaps I can give you a letter of introduction to someone in the government there?”

Jampa smiles, “could you? Getting the ear of the commerce minister could make things so much easier!”

“Of course! I’ll have my secretary draw up a letter, but first, I was visiting a dressmaker and saw something in her ‘secrets’ collection that I thought would look wonderful on you…”

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