Session 9 (7/11) Recaps

Nexus has an Exalted infestation, and no one--not even the Exalted themselves--know who, how many, or why.
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Session 9 (7/11) Recaps

Postby Fulminata » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:14 pm


7/11/2015 – Session 9 – 13, Resplendent Water – It's Only A Behemoth

Liric was soon to discover that he was a person of significant interest, along with Fandris (already known to be an anathema in Nexus) and Alya. And a few people who had been associated with Liric of late (such as Dorian) were likely to be scrutinized. He had, apparently, in the very recent past, had his surface thoughts detected by the half-neomah who had been in Nexus of late. Also, it seemed that the Guild were the ones after the artifact that Oro had shown Liric and Dorian.

Time for damage control. Dorian consulted a bit with Jampa. He concluded the best course of action would be to simply hire the services of the half-neomah himself. Liric tried not to feel too guilty or conspicuous. He trudged to his room at the Vulgar Tiger. His heightened senses told him someone had been in there, though. Someone very good at getting in, who only disturbed enough that someone with Liric's abilities would realize that someone had been in the room. Someone like Alya. Liric privately felt that maybe, just maybe, a more direct method of dealing with the half-neomah might be more prudent than silver, and was a little disappointed Alya hadn't stayed around. He felt a little bad about feeling that, but he still felt it.

Instead, he met Norbu. Norbu was an associate of Jampa. Liric had honestly stopped trying to keep track of Jampa's social circle. He knew that Norbu was a Lunar, was close to Jampa, but the exact nature of their relationship was something they seemed to keep private. Norbu was there to tell Liric that the Wyld Hunt was coming. Not specifically for him, just coming, but they seemed to have his name. The others were also being notified.


Liric thanked Norbu for the information and began packing.

When finished, Liric went off to find Dorian. He was definitely going to have to ask for some help to deal with this. Leaving seemed like an excellent option. But whenever Liric gave this a great deal of serious thought, a white-clad figure with a silver mask loomed in his mind, telling him not to leave town.

He met Dorian at his estate, and was surprised to find Alya. She gave him back the documents he had left with her for safe keeping some weeks earlier. Dorian had something on his mind other than leaving, though. He told Liric to listen very carefully. Liric used his essence to enhance his senses and heard... something... like a low murmuring of many voices. It seemed to be coming from the general direction of Firewander. Liric also noted a general panicky feeling in the air, and even if its source remained undetectable to normal mortal senses, it was still having an effect.

Dorian explained that something...large... had been observed over the past days in the heart of the Wyld pocket in Firewander. And, as the next day would be the full moon, if it was going to do anything nasty, it would probably do it then. Unless it did it tonight. There was already some hysteria in Firewander someone needed to deal with.

They piled into a carriage and headed toward Firewander. They also met Jampa and Norbu on the way. They stopped several blocks from Firewander and Dorian sent the carriage back. The noise was definitely audible now, just on the edge of perception. Worse, it was having a definite impact on people. They met Fandris there as well. Alya, Fandris, and Norbu went to scout; Dorian, Jampa, and Liric advanced a little down the street but were soon confronted by an angry mob looking for demons.

The mob was suffering from hysteria, and they found they could not reason with it. One member began insisting that they cut him open to remove the demon that was inside him. Much to his horror, Liric heard next to him Dorian's voice offering suggestions on the most efficient means to accomplish this. He turned and was more horrified to see the maddened glint in Dorian's eye. Just behind Dorian, Liric saw Jampa cowering in fear. Norbu didn't seem to be doing much better, but was mostly concerned with Jampa. Both the solars had somehow been overtaken by the madness. This was very bad. If Dorian, or probably worse, Jampa, actually took charge of the mob somehow, things would likely get much, much worse very quickly.

Liric tried to appeal to whatever latent sense of reason might be remaining in either personality. There wasn't much, be eventually the mob was convinced that the best plan of action to search for and deal with the demons was to smoke them out and burn their hiding places. These hiding places happened to be guild drug warehouses (now unguarded) and some of the larger opium dens. In a few minutes there was enough smoke laced with opiates drifting through the streets to soothe an angry yeddim. Liric hoped that nobody would end up burning themselves, but it was the only way he could think of that someone with no social skills to speak of could possibly calm several square blocks of Firewander. Then the behemoth emerged, and with it a fresh wave of terror.

This washed over him also, but he lost track of Dorian. Norbu and Jampa both fled to a dark alcove at the entrance of a shop. The behemoth began to leave the Wyld pocket. It seemed to be made entirely of dead bodies, was vaguely humanoid-shaped in that it had stumpy legs and long, thick arms, and waves of fear and a wailing sound came from it. Liric moved away from the smoke and Jampa's hiding place. He was probably going to have to attack this thing, and he didn't want to draw it near an area where he knew for sure people still were if he could help it.

About this time Fandris' anima flared on the behemoth's back. And from somewhere across the district some kind of sorcery was being cast at the behemoth. Either the fox lady was still in town, or this was someone new. Liric took out his bow and joined in. The silvery essence arrows he shot probably were not doing much good, but it was all he could add. Soon another lunar anima flared (Norbu?), and the creature turned and began to shuffle back toward the Wyld. The assault kept up. The behemoth almost reached the Wyld pocket, but seemed to melt away at its edge due to all the damage.

It took a while to find everyone afterward. Jampa had some nasty injuries (apparently the behemoth had found her hiding place) but Liric did his best to patch her up, and she insisted on going back out and trying to calm the remaining crowds afterward. Liric was loathe to cause Dorian any more trouble. He instead was able to find Fandris and asked, with the Wyld Hunt coming, would it be possible to, say, borrow a good bolt hole for a while? Fandris agreed and showed him a reasonably well hidden one, with back door and everything, and Liric gathered his things and moved in, preparing to do his best to lay low for several weeks (or until the Wyld Hunt lost interest and left).

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Re: Session 9 (7/11) Recaps

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Session 9: Behemoth

“Dear, I need you to write a letter of recommendation for me to the Guild.”

Hayle begins rubbing Jampa’s shoulders “There’s no need for that, you can just come to work for me! We work great together!”

“That’s not the point, dear. I need to join the Guild. After that we can discuss working together.”

Jampa could tell that Hayle was becoming frustrated, ever unused to having his will thwarted.

Hayle begins getting even more hands on with Jampa, “Just agree to work with me instead and all will be great!”

Jampa sighs, “We can discuss it again later, let’s just have some fun now.”

Clearly frustrated by Jampa’s unwillingness to give in on this point, Hayle backs away. “No, I have a meeting I must attend now.”

Hayle leaves. Jampa sighs again. Working with the man would actually be a pleasant diversion, but it wouldn’t further her goals. It wasn’t like she really needed him in order to get into the Guild, although it would be convenient if he were to help. She did need to get more serious about fulfilling more than his immediate needs if their relationship was to continue. It was obvious that he liked to exert his will on others, and that he had real affection for her, but she needed to spend some more time determining just what made him tick.

Hopefully there was time for that in the future, because for now she needed to work on getting into the Guild.

Returning to the Vulgar Tiger, Jampa notices a familiar figure leaning unobtrusively against a wall. She nods to Alya and enters the Inn. Alya follows.

“We need to talk.”

“Very well, let’s talk.” Jampa leads her to a table in the back of the common room.

“I have been an assassin, I know that, but that’s my past. A past I don’t even remember. I need you to understand that what I do now I do because I think it’s right.”

Jampa stares at Alya, examining what she sees. “I believe you. That doesn’t change what you’ve done, but I do not wish us to sever all ties.”

Alya nods, seeming to accept this. “I wish to talk to Niriam.”

Jampa raises an eyebrow. “Just talk? Are you sure?”

“Yes, if you can arrange it. I will defend myself if necessary, but I will not attack her.”

Jampa looks at Alya again. “Very well, I will see what I can do about setting up a meeting.”

Alya accepts this and takes her leave.

Not knowing how to get ahold of Niriam directly, Jampa goes to her room. There she changes her clothes into something more feminine, pulls out some trinkets she had acquired while perusing keeps over the past few days, and sits in the middle of the floor. She begins chanting, calling on Oro to come to her.

After some time of this with no results, she stops and sighs. The poor thing must still be in hiding after the events of the past few days. Perhaps someone at his usual place of business knows how to get ahold of Niriam.

She gets up, changes back into something more appropriate for going out in public, and heads to the Underground.

She is nearly to the door of the establishment before she notices that things are wrong. Smoke comes from the building, and what she had thought was just busier than usual street traffic is actually a crowd gathered outside the building. Someone has destroyed Oro’s place of business. The poor thing has reason to hide.

A few people have noticed her presence. She looks around, but sees no one she recognizes as an employee of Oro’s. Reluctantly, she returns the way she came.

As a last hope, she makes her way to the Duskholme residence. As she arrives, a coach is pulling out from the gate. It stops and Dorian opens the door.

“Jampa, I was just going out to see someone, if you were here to see me, then you are welcome to ride along.”

Jampa gratefully gets into the coach. “Who are you going to see?”

“I wish to talk with the half neomah that we have spoken about before, Niriam.”

“That IS convenient, I had come here to see if you knew where she was!”

They arrive at a boarding house for women. Dorian leaves his guards outside with the coach, and the two of them enter the waiting room. The woman at the desk sends a message up to Niriam informing her that she has guests.

After a short wait, Niriam comes down the stairs. She is preceded by a man that at first glance seems as if he might be related, given his equally green hair, but that’s where the similarities end. While handsome, he does not possess her unearthly attraction. Also, where she seems nervous, he looks prepared to fight. He is clad in jade armor and with a daiklave at his side. His eyes scan for threats, mainly examining Dorian and Jampa.

Niriam looks like maybe we were the last people she both expected and wanted to see.

Dorian smiles at her. “I want to discuss hiring you.”

“Well, this is awkward, because I’m working on finishing a report for my current employer that includes your names.”

“Is that the end of your contract with that employer?” Jampa asks.

“Yes, but I suspect that when it reaches its ultimate destination that the last place I’m going to want to be is around you and your friends.”

Jampa is a bit confused, “your employer is in the Guild, yes?”

“Yes, but I believe he is passing the information along to someone in the Realm. I don’t want to end up in the way of the Wyld Hunt.”

Jampa frowns, Norbu had warned her of the Wyld Hunt. Hit squads from the Realm sent to kill what they called “Anathema:” Solar and Lunar exalts like Jampa and Norbu.

Dorian apparently has heard of them too as he adds, “have you sent in your report yet?”

“Not my final one, no, but the ones I’ve already sent in mention Alya, Liric, and Fandris. Not that it was really necessary to mention Fandris.”

“Perhaps we can still come to an arrangement then.”

“Well, there’s another problem as well,” she turns to Jampa. “Have you cut ties with Alya as I suggested?”

“Not entirely…”

Niriam sighs, “well, there’s also the issue then that Alya probably wants me dead.”

“Actually, the reason I came along was to bring you to a meeting with Alya. She wants to talk, and has promised not to harm you unless it’s in self defense. I think we can come to an arrangement there as well.”

Niriam turns back to Dorian, “you’ll use your resources to protect me?”

“Of course.”

She thinks for a moment. “Very well, I will accept your offer.”

She turns to the man who has been watching over her this whole time, “Dorje, I don’t think your services will be necessary once I am under Duskholme’s protection.”

“I agree, mistress. I will accompany you until you are secure at his estate, and then we can consider my contract at an end.”

Niriam gathers her things, and the four are soon aboard Dorian’s coach, returning to his estate. There Dorje watches over Niriam as she moves in.

Jampa approaches Dorje. “You are a bodyguard?”


“Once you are done here, you will be unemployed then?”


“Then, if you’d like to accompany back to the Vulgar Tiger, I think I might have work for you.”

The man looks at Jampa and nods his head. “I will listen to your offer.”

Once Niriam is safely ensconced in the Duskholme estate, Jampa and Dorje take their leave and return to the Vulgar Tiger. There Norbu waits.

Norbu cocks an eyebrow upon seeing Dorje.

“Norbu, this is Dorje, Dorje this is my companion Norbu. Dorje is a bodyguard who has just now finished his previous contract. If you approve, I intend to hire him.”

“What are you qualifications?” Norbu asks him.

“I am skilled with the bow, and I have a knack for spotting threats and removing my employer from the path of harm, taking that harm upon myself if necessary. I am also somewhat skilled in the art of medicine should any harm befall my employer despite my best efforts.”

Norbu nods approvingly. “Can you sing?”

“Excuse me?”

“Can you sing?”

“Um, I can carry a tune, but it’s not something I’d care to earn a living at.”

Norbu laughs, and turns to Jampa, “well, I’m not going to argue against you protecting yourself more. He seems OK to me. You can use him as a backup singer if nothing else.”

Jampa sticks her tongue out at Norbu and turns back to Dorje, “we can draw up a contract then, but consider yourself hired. Go get whatever you need and ask the Keep to have an extra cot brought up here for you. It will be a little cramped for now, but we’ll be changing lodgings in a day or two anyway.”

Dorje bows and leaves the room.

“OK, we have problems Norbu.”


“The Wyld Hunt is coming. They have the names of Alya, Liric and Fandris. I want you to go warn them. Start with Alya.”

“Are we leaving Nexus?” Norbu asks with a tone of suggestion.

“No, I’ve just started to get things underway here, and they shouldn’t know about us. We’ll just have to be careful.”

Norbu looks like she’s about to argue, but changes her mind. “OK, tell me everything you know, and then I’ll go warn the others.”

There isn’t much more to tell, but Jampa relays what Niriam told her and Dorian. That her initial reports had gone out a couple weeks ago, so there possibly wasn’t much time before the Wyld Hunt appeared. Norbu then leaves and Jampa rests a bit.

A couple of hours later, Norbu returns with Alya, Dorian, and Liric. Jampa looks questioningly at them.

“The Wyld Hunt will have to wait,” Norbu says.

Dorian nods his head, “we’re headed to the Firewander, there’s an outbreak of Hysteria that needs to be dealt with.”

Jampa agrees to go with them, and they soon all find themselves in Firewander. Fandris is there as well. The sky is covered in a misty haze, and the Wyld zone appears to have grown since Jampa was last here. Most of the discussion is beyond Jampa’s understanding, but Fandris and Norbu soon head out to scout the Wyld zone for possible threats.

Dorian and Liric discuss the outbreak and how it might be dealt with. Suddenly a mob appears down the street, obviously infected.

Jampa recalls hearing one of the Twilights mentioning that if the victims could be calmed, then they could be cured. She tries to get their attention, but they are too deep in some other discussion. She finally gets them to listen to her when she feels a wave of panic and fear wash over her.

Suddenly he stands once more in Hollow, a panicked crowd surrounds a man on the ground. Demons have been let loose. A Twilight caste who seems vaguely familiar is attempting to deal with a possession. This mob needs order now!

He turns to the crowd and gives them their orders, splitting them into teams and organizing them for a more efficient search of the area. All cases of possession need to be found as soon as possible!

After giving them their orders, the teams disperse on their missions. He turns to see his mate approach. That is convenient, he orders her to assist him in his efforts and turns away. Then he feels the strong arms of his mate close around him and lift him from the ground. He screams at her to put him down!

Suddenly Jampa is herself again, wrapped in Norbu’s arms, but then another wave of fear hits her, this one of pure terror as a monstrous behemoth crawls out of the Wyld zone. She flees to a nearby alcove and huddles in terror, Norbu cowers next to her, but then she is alone. She sees that Norbu has somehow managed to fight this overwhelming terror and attack the horror.

Just when she thought she’d seen the depths of horror, the thing reaches for her and she is enveloped in the corpses that seem to make up its body. Her mind nearly shuts down as she is compressed within them. She sees Norbu attack the beast, attempting to gore and tear her way to her. Norbu manages to pry away part of the beast, but not enough to free her.

Briefly, she feels the thing’s grip on her weaken, but her struggles are still not enough to free herself. Then with a headspinning rush the thing lifts her and throws. She sails through the air, the last thing she sees being the roof of a building rising to meet her.

Jampa’s head pounds. She recognizes her room at the Vulgar Tiger. A wet compress is on her head. Liric is checking her over.

“It’s gone?”

“It’s gone.”

“The hysteria?”

“Still there. The others are trying to deal with it, but could use your help.”

“Let me up then, I can help calm them down.”

Using her Solar charms, Jampa spends the next several hours giving one performance after another. Each one a song of calming performed at one of the major parks or intersections in the Firewander. The threat finally dealt with, she gratefully returns with Norbu to her room at the Vulgar Tiger where Dorje waits for them.

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