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Jampa's Play by Post

Postby Fulminata » Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:40 pm

This takes up immediately after where Jampa's last session report leaves off:

Jampa enters Hayle’s foyer and Dorje moves from where he had been waiting to join her.
“Ma’am, your robes needs adjusting.”
Jampa blushes slightly and straightens her robes and then the two head out.
“Where to, ma’am?”
“Back to the Golden Blossom, and you can drop that ma’am stuff when it’s just us.”
“Yes, ma’am”
Jampa glares at Dorje and sees that he’s barely suppressing a smile.
“Did Norbu put you up to that?”
“Maybe.” Now he is grinning openly.
Jampa sighs, “Let’s just hire a coach and get back there.”

Things seem to be going well at the Golden Blossom as Jampa enters. Busy, but no apparent crises. She greets a few customers as she makes her way back to the kitchen. It looks like the kitchen is in crisis, but she’s already learned that it’s just the way things look when it’s busy. She catches the head chef’s eye.
“Mathis, when you have a chance meet me in my office. It’s nothing urgent, it can wait until after the rush.”
The chef nods and returns to running his kitchen as Jampa heads upstairs.

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