That First Prequil

A teenage superhero drama about a group of 4th generation heroes discovering who they want to be while trying to do some good in the world.
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That First Prequil

Postby Chrono » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:35 pm

The group originally came together to stop Sahlesta V'kerren Sol, an alien that has power over Starlight and Gravity. Desiring to oppose her creation of anarchy, the teenage heroes came together to put a stop to her antics and save a lot of people. As individuals, they were of course no match for her powers. But in the middle of the batt, the group began to figure out how to work together. And it worked.

A human medic was killed on the scene, and the tragedy weighs heavily on some hearts. It also steered publicity in a bad direction for the group. But Ray of Hope was impressed, having finally seen his son in particular show a spark of interest in the family business, and he encouraged the group to get out there (not at all because gram pushed him to do so).

Despite Sahlesta's overwhelming power, she gave up fairly easily for someone so bent on CHAOS, and the group wanted to follow up with the possibility that there might be more to her attack than just random randomness. Black Friday found a piece of technology in her ear not of this world: an E.T. blue tooth! It seemed that someone out there was giving her orders, meaning she was not just talking to herself all those times in the fight. The tech was broken, and the group turned it in to the authorities when they arrived.

The police that took her into custody assured the group that they would get back to them, but did not bother to work out how exactly that would happen. So the teens kept meeting up at a homeless shelter where some of them frequented to wait for the time that they would be needed again.

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