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The world is old and yet vastly unexplored. Elves, Dwarves, and other races have kept to themselves. But something is stirring on the edges of civilization. Something vast and dangerous. Now is the time to adventure and store up wealth, while it is still safer to do so.
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Treasure Hunter

Postby Chrono » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:43 pm

You studied the ancient world for clues and information about past civilizations. The more you learned, the more you wanted to know. People have scoffed at you and feared for your safety, but you have pushed forward to learn about the ancient ways and begun to add their strength to your own.

Proficiencies: Deception, Investigation. You also learn 1 language and proficiency with either 1 weapon or 1 toolkit of your choice.

Starting Equipment: 1 Toolkit of your choice, 5 sheets of parchment, stick of charcoal, empty scroll case, a set of traveling clothes, and a belt pouch containing 2 tiger eye gemstones worth 10 gp each

Background Feature: You are well known as an acquirer of artifacts from the forgotten age. Rumors of treasure and archeological sites are always flowing your way, and most museums initially welcome you in the hopes that you will donate your latest finds to them, for a reasonable finder’s fee of course.

Suggested Personality Traits:

1) I pocket anything I see that might have some value
2) I often boast that I have knowledge about every civilization that has ever existed.
3) There is nothing I like more than a good mystery.
4) The more dangerous the trap, the more rewarding the experience. And the treasure.
5) I use made-up words that I claim are from dead languages to make myself sound smarter.
6) I never move forward without considering as many angles and options as possible.

Suggested Ideals:
1) KNOWLEDGE. The past should be shared, and those that do so should be rewarded. (Neutral)
2) LOGIC. Emotions must not overrun our logical reasoning (Lawful)
3) POWER. The secrets of ruling the world are buried beneath us. (Evil)
4) INDEPENDENCE. I am a free spirit – no one tells me what to do. (Chaotic)
5) FRIENDSHIP. Material goods come and go, but friendship bonds last forever. (Good)
6) ASPIRATION. I’m determined to make something of myself some day. (Any)

Suggested Bonds:
1) Someone stole one of my first finds, and someday I am going to find them.
2) There is a place that has sponsored my delves, and I would do anything to preserve that place.
3) Someday I will have collected enough treasure to win back the one that got away.
4) Every dungeon I delve is for the hope of finding that one perfect treasure I dream about.
5) I have a lover in every big city, but there is one person whose heart I have always wanted to win.
6) There is someone I have read many books about and feel deep kinship for but have never met.

Suggested Flaws:
1) I cannot resist a pretty face or a good pick up line.
2) I am too greedy for my own good, and it will get me killed one day.
3) I am convinced that no one dead or alive could ever outsmart me.
4) I speak without thinking and often insult others unintentionally.
5) I am easily distracted by the promise of wealth or information.
6) Unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the price of civilization.

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Airship Engineer

Postby Chrono » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:44 pm

Many thought that Airship travel was the way of the future, and a lot of young hopefuls banked their future on that possibility. With the treaty of Vorenheim banning future construction of airships, that future was taken from you. Now you must find a new career for your skills to apply to, and adventuring seems like a fair fit.

Proficiencies: History and Survival. You gain proficiency with tinkerer’s tools and navigator’s tools.

Starting Equipment:
Set of Navigator’s Tools and Tinkerer’s Tools, pair of goggles, thick scarf, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Background Feature: You have experience in engineering, whether taught at the Red Wings College or as an apprentice or even on the job. No engineering job is impossible for you, and no non-magical technology is immediately beyond your grasp. There are a lot of former engineers in the world that share your pain of loss and are likely to sympathize with you over this common ground.

Suggested Personality Traits:
1) My friends can always count on me in a pinch.
2) I work hard to pull my own weight and help out where I can.
3) I travel the world, making friends in every city and village I visit.
4) I never pass up a chance to talk about my dreams or crafts.
5) My language is as foul as my temper.
6) I am constantly making engineer analogies whenever I try to explain anything

Suggested Ideals:
1) RESPECT. Mutual respect between a crew is what keeps a ship together. (Good)
2) FREEDOM. You can’t take the skies from me. (Chaotic)
3) PEOPLE. I am committed to my coworkers, not to ideals. (Neutral)
4) FAIRNESS. An equal share of the work means an equal share of the pay. (Lawful)
5) REVENGE. Those in power took away my dreams. They have no right to their own. (Evil)
6) ASPIRATION. Someday I’ll have my own ship and crew to sail the skies. (Any)

Suggested Bonds:
1) I will never forget my first ship.
2) I am loyal to my captain first. Even above my own life.
3) The sky is always calling me home, no matter where I am.
4) There is someone whose love nearly convinced me to give up my career before it began.
5) Someone picked me up when I was at rock bottom. When I make it big, I will bring them along.
6) My mentor taught me how to apply my trade to my life. I do everything in their memory.

Suggested Flaws:
1) I believe that logic and science are always more important than emotions.
2) I will follow orders, even if I believe that they are wrong.
3) Nobody calls me chicken!!
4) Once I start drinking it is almost impossible for me to stop!
5) My pride will one day destroy me and everyone I love.
6) I can’t help but pocket the trinkets I come across.

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