Custom Powers: Fairie Powers

A post-apocalypse dystopia setting using the Dresden Files RPG system. Something very bad happened to the world we knew, and now the survivors are trying to deal with what is left. The game focuses on consequences and hard choices in a tough-but-fair open world that can be pillaged, explored, and hopefully rebuilt.
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Custom Powers: Fairie Powers

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Fairy Truth [0]
Description: You are more believable, but you cannot lie.
Musts: You must be a fairy, changeling, or for some other reason be unable to lie but willing to deceive.
Skills Affected: Deceit, some others.
No Lying: Everything you say is considered to be on your power. If say any fact that is not true, or break any promise, you immediately gain an extreme consequence. However...
Aura of Honesty: You have a +1 to convincing anyone of the truth of your words, whether or not they're familiar with fairy lore. This even works as a +1 to deceit in social situations to convince someone of the truth of what you meant but didn't technically say. And of course a lore roll of 1 is enough to know that fairies always tell the truth even if they do so with weasel words.

Geis [-1]
An Oath given is an Oath kept: Instead of taking a mild consequence in social combat, you may take an aspect, representing an oath sworn to that person instead. You may never have more than one of these aspects at any given time, so you would have to fulfil your oath before making a new one. The aspect is permanent, until you have fulfilled your oath or reconciled in another way.
I'll take your word for it: If an opponent is taken out in social conflict from your attack, you can place an aspect on him that represents an oath given to you. You may invoke it to enforce that oath or make the target reconcile in some other way. You may never have more than one person bound to you like that.

Bindings [-1]
Description: You're able to forge metaphysical links to things and people, increasing your magical influence.
Link Forged: Whenever you make a pact with an entity, an entity eats food imbued with your power, or you have sexual intercourse with an entity, you place an aspect on that target that reflects the link you share. The pact link lasts until the entity has fulfilled its end of the bargain. The others last until the link is broken, however the GM feels that would be accomplished.
Link Exploited: As long as you have a link to the target, you are considered to be a ritual link to him, and may target him with thaumaturgy without need for any additional links. This also satisfies any requirements that the target belong to you or make a pact with you before using glamours or other fairy powers on him. However, the link goes back to you as well, and the target may use ritual magic against you, or may be used as a ritual component to send ritual magic against you. This may be worth a fate point depending on how badly you had it coming.
Mutual Bond: [-1] Both you and the individual you create the link with need to take this power, though only one of you need purchase Bindings. The two of you are considered to have the ability to exchange compels as per the benefits of sponsored magic. This represents a bond between near equals. Sponsored magic is better for when a powerful entity gives a much less powerful one significant magical power in addition to these benefits.

Glamourous [-1]
Description: Constant illusions enhance your beauty.
Sex Appeal: The magic you weave shifts your appearance slightly, making you appear like a person's version of an ideal man/woman. This gives you a +2 to social skills for any situation in which physical attractiveness is a major contributing factor. Anyone trying to describe your physical appearance does so at a -1 penalty for purposes of identifying you.
Not Even Skin Deep: Magical investigation, and especially the Sight quickly pierces this ability. Mirrors, even those found in cameras, reflect your true form.


Description: You can do a thing. A special thing, that cannot be done by most people. Maybe you can control clouds of smoke, maybe you can inflict fear by shouting. Or maybe you can summon the aid of two thousand invisible squirrels. Whatever.
Skills Affected: Any.
Incite Effect. Pick a type of effect and a skill that's related to that type of effect. You can use that skill plus two to perform maneuvers and blocks related to that type of effect against anything you can touch. At the GM's discretion, this may also enable Declarations.
At Range [-1]. You may use Incite Effect on anything within your line of sight.
Incite Limited Effect [+1]. (Requires At Range) Do not add two to your skill when using Incite Effect. This upgrade is not compatible with Incite Physical Effect or Incite Mental Effect.
Incite Physical Effect [-1]. You may use Incite Effect to perform attacks that inflict physical stress. These attacks have a weapon rating of 2. They use the same skill as your maneuvers and blocks, but without the +2 bonus. If you have the At Range upgrade, then targets must use their Endurance to defend against these attacks. If you do not have the At Range upgrade, then targets may use whatever skill they would use against ordinary Fists attacks instead.
Incite Avoidable Physical Effect [-0]. (Requires Incite Physical Effect At Range) The targets of your Incite Physical Effect attacks defend with Athletics.
Incite Mental Effect [-1]. You may use Incite Effect to perform attacks that inflict mental stress. These attacks have a weapon rating of 2. They use the same skill as your maneuvers and blocks, but without the +2 bonus. If you have the At Range upgrade, then targets must use their Discipline to defend against these attacks. If you do not have the At Range upgrade, then targets may use whatever skill they would use against ordinary Fists attacks instead.
Incite Potent Effect [-1]. (Requires Incite Physical Effect or Incite Mental Effect) Attacks that you make with Incite Effect are weapon 4.
Incite Protective Effect [-1]. You may use your the skill that you use for Incite Effect to defend against physical attacks.
Incite Restrictive Effect [-1]. (Requires Incite Physical Effect or Incite Mental Effect) You may use Incite Effect to grapple targets within the range of this Power, using the skill that you use for Incite Effect. Grappling with a physical effect inflicts physical stress, while grappling with a mental effect inflicts mental stress.
Incite Mass Effect [-1]. (Requires Incite Physical Effect or Incite Mental Effect) You may make spray attacks and zone-wide attacks with Incite Effect. If you attack your own zone, then you are affected normally by the attack. Even if you lack the At Range upgrade, targets defend against your zone attacks as though you had it. This upgrade does not affect your ability to maneuver, and no penalty is incurred when attacking a zone with it.
Incite Explosive Effect [+1]. (Requires Incite Mass Effect) You may not make non-zone-wide attacks with Incite Effect.
Incite Selective Effect [-1]. (Requires Incite Mass Effect) You do not harm yourself when attacking your own zone.
Incite Persistent Effect [-1]. (Requires Incite Mass Effect) When attacking a zone with Incite Effect, you may take an accuracy penalty (before rolling) in order to extend the duration of the attack. For each point of accuracy sacrificed this way, the attack is reapplied at the beginning of another exchange. You may take actions to extend this effect as though you were an evoker extending an evocation.
Incite Additional Effect [-1]. You may select another effect to create with this Power. You may also select another skill to use that effect with. If the other upgrades that you have are appropriate for the new effect, you may use them with it. You may also upgrade the new effect separately.

Life Eater [-2] attache to an Item of Power
Every time you kill someone with this blade the life energy is stored (in the form of complexity) which can be used later in a ritual.

Burn Life[-2]: You can take a single physical consequence (or all of them to turn yourself into a death curse styled walking bomb) to add twice its value in weapons rating to your attack that turn as you burn yourself out to become more powerful.

Description: You are solid to both ghosts and men, like a cat.
Musts: A character must possess the Ghost Speaker power in order to use this one. This power is not compatible with Spirit Form.
Skills Affected: Many.
Dual Nature. Your body is solid to both material and immaterial objects. You may interact normally with characters that have the Spirit Form power and other incorporeal things. This also allows such things to interact normally with you, so be careful around violently-inclined spirits.

Description: You possess the ability to contain things within your own body or within an extra-dimensional space. Or perhaps within some other sort of container. Most vehicles, if treated as characters, have this power.
Skills Affected: None
Magical Compartment. You may hide objects inside a supernatural container of some kind. Doing so gives you a +4 bonus to any attempt to conceal something.
Living Armour. You may place another character inside your compartment, if they are willing or helpless. Treat the space inside your compartment as a separate zone. When someone inside this zone is attacked by someone outside of it, you may make their physical defence rolls for them. In addition, you must add your physical armour to theirs against such attacks. Obviously, a character who is inside your compartment moves when you do. A character who is inside you may not take any actions that affect anything outside of you without first escaping. Entering or leaving your compartment without your consent requires that an appropriate aspect first be invoked for effect.
Size Limit. A normal-sized character with this power may contain up to one normal-sized human or an equivalent volume of other matter within their compartment. Diminutive size divides storage capacity by 10, while Hulking Size multiplies it by 10, Titanic Size multiplies it by 100, and Unthinkable Size multiplies it by 1000. A character with this power is impeded normally by the weight of everything inside their compartment, but they add 4 to their Might skill for the purpose of carrying such things.
Sealed Compartment [-1]. The space inside your compartment is effectively a separate world. Anything or anyone inside it cannot interact with anything outside of it at all unless worldwalking magic is used. Entering or leaving the compartment without your consent requires similar magic. This is not compatible with Non-Restrictive Compartment.
Time Stands Still [-1]. (Requires Sealed Compartment) Time does not pass within your compartment. Everything inside of it is held in stasis.
Expanded Compartment [-1]. Multiply your compartment's storage capacity by 10. Add 4 to your Might skill for the purpose of carrying things inside your compartment.
Non-Restrictive Compartment [-1]. Characters inside your compartment may take social actions against you and things outside of you. This allows them to make maneuvers in combat.
Open Compartment [-1]. (Requires Non-Restrictive Compartment) Characters inside your compartment may act normally, with one exception: they may not move outside of you without first escaping.

True Seeing [-2]
A more specialised form of The Sight allows you to pierce any Power that hides somethings True Appearance from you. Might that be a Veil, Glamour or Shapeshifting.

Cost: -1
Description: Just like the Vampires of the olden days, you cannot be photographed. Be it film, digital, or video, you never show up as more than a blur, or a burst of video static. Butters would say it’s a very specialized form of Mana Static, which only affects visual recording devices. Kincaid would say it’s a great way to get past Security devices.
Musts: A suitably vampiric, magical or "Sneaky Supernatural" High Concept
Skills Affected: Stealth
Imageless provides a constant “semi-veil” of +4 to Stealth rolls against photographic attempts to detect you, and +4 to all direct attempts to defend against having your picture taken.
When unaware of or not trying to avoid surveillance, attempts to get an identifying picture of you suffer a -2 to the Performance rolls for photo or video quality.
Reflectionless: [-1] Your reflection is similarly prevented from occurring, reducing up to 3 points of penalties on stealth rolls where reflective surfaces could reveal your position.

Description: Gravity doesn't seem to apply to you the way it does to normal people. You can dance on a tightrope and jump like a flea.
Skills Affected: Athletics, Stealth
Inhuman Balance. You can move freely and without penalty over any surface sturdier than a spiderweb. You never fall accidentally and you may add four to your Athletics skill when using it to resist an attempt to knock you down.
Impossible Jumps. Add four to your Athletics skill when using it to jump.
Soft Landing. You are immune to falling damage.

Absorption [-3]: You can feed off the energy of your enemies attacks.
Anytime an Enemy physically hits you in combat (he succeeds his attack roll) you gain a temporary aspect relating to being charged which can be freely tagged once.

Elemental Absorption: [-2]; You can feed off a certain element. (fire, air, earth, spirit, water)
Anytime someone attacks you or you come into contact with your element you can gain a temporary aspect relating to being charged up which you can freely tag once.

Description: You have the ability to project weapons from your mind into reality.
Skills Affected: Craftsmanship, Weapons, Guns
Projection. With a supplemental action, you may create a melee or thown weapon out of thin air. Two-handed melee weapons created this way are capped at weapon rating 3, while thrown weapons and one-handed melee weapons are capped at weapon rating 2. Weapons created this way last until the end of the scene or until you make a new weapon.
Reinforcement. By spending a scene and making a successful Craftsmanship roll, you may cause your projected weapon to become fully real. This means that it lasts indefinitely.
Versatile Tracing [-1]. You may create simple objects other than melee weapons with this power. Armour, simple tools, keys, and levers are all possible.
Complex Tracing [-2]. (Requires Versatile Tracing) You may create complex objects with this power. Firearms, explosives, chemicals, and machines are all possible, although at the GM's discretion a Craftsmanship roll may be required for certain items. Explosives, firearms, and two-handed melee weapons are now capped at weapon rating 5, while thrown weapons and one-handed melee weapons are now capped at weapon rating 4.

Description: You are not where you appear to be. A glamor or other optical effect obscures your true location, making it difficult for opponents to properly target you.
Skills Affected: None
Missed Me, Missed Me. Your uncertain location makes it difficult to target you in combat. All attacks against you are subject to a strength 3 block. You may suppress or resume this effect as a free action.
Too Fast To Hit. Moving quickly makes your displacement more effective. Add 1 to the strength of the block from Missed Me, Missed Me for each level of Speed that you possess.
Enhanced Displacement [-1]. Add 2 to the strength of the block from Missed Me, Missed Me.
Invisibility [-1]. You are invisible, simple as that. The block from Missed Me, Missed Me is now treated as a veil rather than as a block against attacks. It does not impede your ability to see at all.
Blinking [-1]. Your displacement is not just an optical effect: you are actually inconsistently tangible. You may treat all physical blocks, including grapples and zone borders, as if their strength was reduced by a margin equal to the strength of the block from Missed Me, Missed Me.

No Matter The Strength [-2]
The Might bonus from strength powers and the Athletics bonus from speed powers do not aid characters in escaping your grapples.

No Matter The Power [-2] (Requires No Matter The Strength)
Your grapples automatically satisfy the catch for all toughness powers other than Physical Immunity.

Scarlet Sword Form [-2] - You burn your life force to push your body to its true potential, this causes a real change in a person anatomy as their muscles bulge and blood fills their eyes turning them scarlet.
You must take a minor consequence or higher (if the slot is filled) to activate the warp spasm in which your Weapons Roll is increased by 2 and gives you access to the powers below.

Crimson Blade (requires Scarlet Sword Form) [-3]: You project life energy into your sword this manifests as a red energy surrounding the blade allowing the blade to parry anything and increasing its weapons rating by your conviction.

Scarlet Wave [-1] Requires Crimson Blade, you can attack everyone in an area with your sword by reducing its weapon rating by 2. This manifests as a line of red energy forming out of the end of your blade.

Curved Cut [-1] Requires Crimson Blade: You can curve your attack so that they do not come from where they appear to come from this allows you to make ambush an opponent with your weapons attack for a fate point.

Description: You don't need tools to make things. Your magical powers/your communion with the small gods of the world/the toolkit implanted in your stomach/something else will suffice.
Skills Affected: Craftsmanship
Magical Workshop. You are always considered to have access to a workshop with a rating equal to your Craftsmanship skill.
Magical Worksite [-1]. Your workshop expands in scale, allowing you to handle the construction of entire buildings single-handedly. You are always considered to have the assistance of a full team of workers with all appropriate tools and machinery when attempting to build or repair stuff.

Description: For whatever reason, the randomness of your life is much greater than normal. Your personal bell curve is pretty flat.
Skills Affected: All
Chaotic Fate. All of your rolls are made with six fudge dice instead of the standard four.
Aura Of Chaos [-1]. All rolls made in your presence are made with six fudge dice instead of the standard four.

Description: For whatever reason, the randomness of your life is much less than normal. Your personal bell curve is pretty pointy.
Skills Affected: All
Ordered Fate. All of your rolls are made with two fudge dice instead of the standard four.
Aura Of Order [-1]. All rolls made in your presence are made with two fudge dice instead of the standard four.

Description: You can control probability to a limited extent, making life more or less predictable through magical power.
Skills Affected: All.
Fate Control. Whenever you roll, you may choose to roll any number of fudge dice between two and six.
Aura Of Control [-1]. Whenever someone in your presence rolls, you may choose to have them roll any number of fudge dice between two and six.

Description: God's dice are loaded in your favour. Your luck is literally supernatural.
Skills Affected: All
Weighting The Dice. Whenever anyone in your presence rerolls dice, you may "lock down" one of those dice. Doing so ensures that the result of that die is the same on the reroll as it was on the original roll.
Palming The Cards. Whenever you are involved in an opposed roll, you may cause your opponent to reroll by invoking an aspect.
Fixing The Wheel. You may take a point of sponsor debt instead of spending a Fate Point when invoking an aspect in order to cause a reroll or when making a Declaration that has to do with random chance. Sponsor debt taken this way represents accumulated bad luck, karmic backlash, or the build-up of paradoxes in the structure of reality.
Stacking The Deck [-1]. Whenever anyone in your presence rolls dice, you may cause them to reroll by invoking an aspect.

Description: You are part of a pack, a group of beings that are connected on a supernatural level.
Musts: You must define who is in your pack, and they all must share this ability with the same upgrades.
Skills Affected: Alertness, Investigation, others.
Pack Communication. When you are near another member of your pack, the two of you may communicate in a manner that no-one outside the pack can understand. The exact mechanism that this ability works by varies from pack to pack. One pack might be telepathic, while another might speak in squeaks, while another might simply read body language very well.
Combined Awareness. When you are near another member of your pack, add one to your Alertness skill. If any nearby member of your pack notices an ambush or something hidden, you also notice that ambush or that hidden thing.
Locate Packmate. You have an instinctive awareness of your packmates' locations, and you may use your Investigation skill to determine what those locations are.
Cooperative Instincts [-1]. When making a maneuver to assist one of your packmates, add two to your roll. Furthermore, when tagging an aspect created by one of your packmates, add one to your roll.
Protective Instincts [-1]. When you are attacked while in the same zone as one of your packmates, you may use that packmate's defence skill instead of your own.
Pack Communion [-1]. You may use your Pack Communication ability without regard for distance.

Event Horizon Strike [-60] The Sword of Rupture swallows, compresses, and accelerates wind pressure into an artificial space-time distortion capable of pulverizing any opposition before it. The effects of this distortion are catastrophic on the environment around it crushing and warping everything in the immediate area.
When the Sword of Rupture is activated it causes a 40 shift environmental hazard within a 10 zone radius of the sword. ([-40] for the environmental hazard, [-20] for the 10 zone radius)
Expanding Radius [-5]: The Radius of the temporal distortion increases by 1 zone every round that it is active, if activated long enough it could easily consume a city.
User Immunity [-3]: The user of this blade is immune to its effects.

Vibro-Sword [-1] Your sword vibrates at an incredible frequency that allows it to cut through material cleanly but makes the blade pretty unwieldy.
Vibro Cut - Add +4 stress on a successful strike.
Unwieldy Blade - There is a -1 penalty to accuracy when attacking with the blade.

Mystics Eyes of Death Perception/ Shatterpoint [any view weakness power] [-4] You can see creatures deaths these manifest as crimsons lines on your enemies bodies, attacking these lines allows you to bypass any toughness or recovery powers. To use this power you must first spend a turn searching for the lines of death (alertness vs endurance roll to create the aspect 'lined') you can then tag this aspect to bypass all toughness powers or mundane Armour of the opponent for a scene.

Size Doesn't Matter...: -1 (-2)?
Effect: You may wield any weapon regardless of might or endurance requirements. Tripod support weapons? No problem. Zweihanders? Child's play. Boat mounted 6 or 8 gauge shotguns for duck hunting? All are within the realm of possiblities for you.
...But It Sure Does Help: requires above power -1
Effect: Most any weapon you can manage to hold one handed you can wield in combat..also one handed. (likely quite abusable with two weapon training stunt)

Uncontrolled Power [+1]
Description: You character cannot control his or her powers. Maybe they react to emotional distress, or some other subconscious cue.
Notes: This is a one time discount applying to however many powers the character cannot control. If the character has more than -4 Refresh in uncontrolled powers, this discount raises to a +2.

Stonewalk [-1]
Description: You can move through rock, stone, and most earth-based substances with ease. Either you are a strong and fast digger, or you can literally pass through stone like a ghost. You are assumed to be able to navigate as you go, but to actually be able to sense through solid substances, you need to take an appropriate Supernatural Sense.
Musts: You must have a high concept that would justify this power, such as Earth Elemental, or Subterranean Behemoth.
Skills Affected: Athletics.
Passwall. You can ignore stone, rock or earth-related zone borders of up to 3 shifts. You still need to make a movement or supplemental action to cross the zone.
Death from Below! You can ambush your opponents by hiding below the ground, near the surface of a stone- or rock-based zone border, or even above a tunnel, and springing from your hiding place when they get too close. You get a free +2 to your Stealth roll once per scene to set up an Ambush (page 142). You can usually detect when your target is in position, but if they are using Stealth, you get a +2 to your Alertness roll to feel them approaching if they are in contact with the same surface that is hiding you. You may use a Fate Point to invoke this ability additional times in the same scene, but you must make a movement or supplemental action in order to get in position (per the Passwall effect) to make another Ambush. You can use this ability to Ambush your opponents several times, but if they survive this ploy long enough they may find ways to take advantage of your predictability. To use this ability, you must select zone borders which you would be able to pass using Passwall.
Stonefeint [-1]. If you take this upgrade, you get a free +2 to one Attack roll per scene if there is significant stone or rocky terrain for you to use to your advantage, You may use a Fate Point to invoke this ability additional times in the same scene. To use this ability, you must select zone borders which you would be able to pass using Passwall.
Greater Stonewalk [-1]. If you take this upgrade, you can ignore 6 shifts of stone, rock or earth-related zone borders.
Epic Stonewalk [-2]. Take this upgrade instead of Greater Stonewalk. You can ignore 9 shifts of stone, rock or earth-related zone borders, and you can make an Athletics check to tunnel through any remaining shifts.
Tunnel [+1]. Your ability to move through stone relies on burrowing, and you leave a tunnel behind you as you go. This can be an advantage for allies, but it can also lead pursuers straight to you. You also make noise as you move through the earth, which won't necessarily negate the first use of Death from Below!, but may interfere with any subsequent uses of that ability. You also leave telltale furrows, cracks or lines as you pass. Using this ability places the scene aspect Unstable Tunnels, which can be tagged by anyone. This cannot reduce the total cost of your Stonewalk abilities below -1.

Special Techniques [-varies]
Description: Supernatural martial arts moves, more or less. A staple of any decent fighting manga.
Skills Affected: Fists, Weapons, Guns
Special Techniques - When you take this power, choose fists, weapons, or guns. Then pick a number of techniques from the technique list equal to the number of refresh points you spent on this power. Whenever you make an attack with the chosen skill, you may spend a fate point to add the effects of one of your chosen techniques to the attack.
Technique List
Long Range Strike. The range of this attack is increased by 2 zones. (This works for melee attacks).
Armor Piercing Strike. This attack ignores all of the target’s armor.
Area Strike. This attack hits everyone in the target zone (except yourself).
Rapid Strike. You can make a number of attacks up to your skill with one action. Each attack suffers a penalty equal to the number of extra attacks made.
Brutal Strike. The attack suffers a -1 penalty but inflicts 5 extra stress.

"Noob security systems" (requires IP?... Please) [-1]
If you access the network inside of a building using your "IP?...Please." power, you will be able to see the layout of all the security systems. For the price of a fate point, you can temporarily turn them all off as well.

Strategist of the Gods [-1]
Description: During battle, you connect to your allies on an almost telepathic level. Under your guidance their actions are like that of a well-oiled fighting machine, flowing from one enemy to another.
Musts: Must have a supernatural high concept related to tactics, battles, or war (i.e., "Son of Ares").
Effect: During combat - and without their input - you may direct the actions of allies. This directed action must be described simply and within their abilities (attack that foe, grapple the large one, trip the fast enemy, etc). Your allies need not follow this action, but if they do they are given the temporary aspect of "Guided by (Player Name)". This aspect may be tagged for free once during the combat; but subsequent uses require the use of a Fate Point. This aspect will be removed if you move out of range of the tactician (greater than 2 zones away).

Antimagic Field [Minor Power; -1]
Antimagic Field: Evocation spells cast within your zone inflict one extra mental stress on the caster.

-0 Manifested Blade (As the blade is not truly of the mortal world keeping it in this world requires mental effort, summoning the item for a scene requires a point of mental stress at the end of the scene unless another point of stress is taken the item will disappear until summoned again.)

-2 Spiritual Weapon ( As a weapon designed to sever the soul from the body its blows do more than physical harm, the blade can cause mental stress instead physical stress, anyone taken out this way will die as their soul is separated from their body leaving no signs of physical harm.)

Phantom Slashes [–2] - You can choose when the damage of your attacks come into effect, this allows you to stack stress so that it all comes in to effect at the same instant or choose that it never comes into effect.

[-1] Emperor Blessed Tech - All ritually consecrated tech wielded by a Grey Knight is immune to being hexed.

Transcendent Music [-4]
You can play an instrument with a level of skill and subtlety that you can almost make rocks cry and sooth the hearts of the darkest of people.
Superlative Musician: +4 to normal performance rolls with your instrument of choice
Listen to my Song: you can play an instrument so well that all in the area will stop and listen (a zone wide mental grapple at your performance skill to stop doing anything but listen to the music)
The Soothing Song: Whilst people are listening to your music they recover from mental consequences on step quicker than usual. (Inhuman Mental Recovery)

Description: You command attention. With a woven glamour or an irresistible song, you can make men stand and stare at you while people shoot them.
Skills Affected: Deceit, Performance
Captivate. When you take this power, choose either Performance or Deceit. You may use your chosen skill to perform a mental grapple against everyone present in a scene at once by tagging or invoking an appropriate scene aspect. This works the same way as a physical grapple using Might except that it inflicts mental stress instead of physical stress and places aspects on the scene instead of the grappled character.
Selective Captivation [-1]. You may choose not to affect any number of characters when using Captivate.

Description: As a highly potent supernatural being, your very presence affects the area around you, altering it in subtle or overt ways that correspond with your nature.
Musts: You must have a High Concept which reflects being some sort of supernatural major player or heavyweight, such as The Summer Lady, Angel from On High, or God of War.
Skills Affected: None.
Powerful Presence - Simply by being present in a scene, you apply a sticky scene aspect which must somehow relate to the associations of your High Concept (for example, the Summer Lady might apply Heat of Passion or Rampant Plant Growth; an angel might apply Holy Light or Feeling of Divine Nearness). Applying this aspect does not grant you a free tag.
Difficult To Suppress - You may attempt to suppress this ability when you enter a new scene by making a Discipline roll (default difficulty Superb, though areas directly hostile to or unusually resonant with your High Concept may modify this), in which case no aspect is applied.

Description: You possess the magical ability to heal others. Perhaps you can help people recover from psychological trauma with your musical genius, or perhaps you can knit flesh and bone back together through sheer faith.
Note: This power uses one skill and applies to one stress track. Choose which skill and which stress track when you take this power. Any combination is permissible as long as the group is not offended by it.
Skills Affected: Pick one.
Heal. You may use your chosen skill to heal consequences of your chosen stress track. In order to heal a given consequence, you must exceed its shift value on a roll of your chosen skill. Healing a consequence increases the speed of its recovery by one step, or by two steps if your roll is twice as good as it needs to be, or by three steps if by some miracle your roll is three times better than it needs to be. If an attempt is made to heal a consequence that has already been healed, the second attempt replaces the first. This power may or may not affect extreme consequences; GMs should handle such issues on a case by case basis.
Widened Healing [-1]. You may use your chosen skill to heal consequences from another stress track of your choice. This option may be chosen multiple times.

I Hunt! [-2]
Description: When you choose to hunt someone, you find them.
Musts: This target is usually used by wildfae hunters, but others may take it.
Skills Affected: Lore, athletics, weapons, guns, fists, might, survival, and anything else used to hunt.
The Game Is Afoot: You may spend a fate point to declare a particular individual or creature your quarry. This has similar effects to righteousness, giving you a +1 to all rolls to hunt the individual, but the effect is immediately ended if you take any compels to sidetrack you, refuse any compels to keep you on the hunt, kill or capture your quarry, or spend a fate point to choose a new quarry. With GM approval, the hunt may be for something more ethereal. Things like "I will win her heart" or "I will find my lost sword" might be acceptable, so long as the quest has themes of pursuing, finding, and conquering.
Relentless Pursuit: Any time the quarry uses a supernatural ability to escape, you may copy its effect to pursue them. If they open a portal to the nevernever and close it behind them, you can walk into the nevernever as well. If they run away with supernatural speed, you gain a burst of speed. Powers are only mimicked when they are necessary to follow the target and only for purposes of pursuing the target. You could use inhuman speed to follow the quarry, but not to suddenly jump out of the way of a bullet. If the quarry stops running and gets in a car, they're no longer using inhuman speed and you can no longer mimic the power. Furthermore, if someone uses an evocation to turn into mist, you can turn into mist as well. But you can't suddenly use evocation to trap them with a wind spell. You gain temporary access to the effects not full access to the power.

Mime [-2]
Description:When someone else is performing an action you may copy their movements to do what they do. Usually this ability involves a bit of psychic talent to predict what someone else is about to do a split second before they do it and instinctively copy it. Either that or read the impulses their brain sends to their body and map that flow onto your own body.
Musts: None.
Skills Affected: Awareness.
Mimic: You may use the lower or either your investigation or another person's skill to copy that person's actions. When doing so you must copy their motions exactly. You may mimic certain stunts they have if copying their movements would logically give you that benefit. If someone is sniping with guns 3, and you have investigation 4, then you can roll 3 plus 4dF to shoot a similar gun. If someone is parrying an attack, you cannot use mimicry to parry an attack from a different angle. It's not just using the same skill, you have to perform their actions exactly the way they did it. If used for social skills, you must say the exact same words they used, though you need not copy tone or accent. (Example: An enemy says "If you think you can stand against me, you're going down." You shake your head and say "You're going down," copying his body language.)
Mirror: You may use mimicry to parry melee attacks if you're carrying a similar weapon to your opponent, or barehanded if they are using their bare hands. You may not benefit from any counterattack stunts or stunts like Step into the Blow. However, if they hit you that means you're about to hit them with the mirrored attack and they must make a dodge roll against that free attack, rolling their athletics against your investigation. They may not parry.
Mime: You can use investigation to mimic someone else's movements just for artistic purposes or to annoy them.
Learn by Seeing: After observing someone perform a skill for a set amount of time you may use investigation to complement that skill on your own in similar circumstances for an amount of time 2 point up on the time increment chart.

Description: You know things. More things than you ought to know.
Musts: You must have an Aspect related to your knowledge.
Skills Affected: Knowledge skills.
Inexplicable Knowledge. You can learn or already know absolutely anything by making a successful roll with an appropriate knowledge skill. (If no skill seems appropriate, use Lore or Scholarship.) The difficulty of these rolls is set by the GM. If your knowledge is limited somehow, like by the sum total of all written information, resolve such limitations through Compels.
Dangerous Knowledge [-1]. Whenever you fail a knowledge roll, you may choose to succeed automatically. If you do so, you suffer a weapon 0 mental attack with an accuracy equal to the difficulty of the knowledge roll that you failed. Use your Discipline to defend against this attack. At the GM's discretion, you may be able to pay some other cost (in Fate Points, consequences, or something else) in order to know something without an attack.
Mental Library [-1]. Your memories constitute a library on every subject that you are familiar with. The rating of the library on a given subject is equal to the skill that is used for knowledge of that subject. You may access this library freely, and other characters may use it by questioning you in detail.
Superior Mental Library [-1]. (Requires Mental Library) Increase the rating of each of your mental libraries by two.
Searchable Mental Library [-1]. (Requires Mental Library) All research using your mental library is two time increments faster.

Time Accel [-2]
You have the ability to boost your relative speed to the rest of the world, this slows the world down from your perspective but each instant you spend like this is physically and mentally draining.
You can spend mental up to the limit of the size of your stress track to boost your physical attack or defense rolls.

Description: For whatever reason, you have access to a few minor magical trinkets.
Skills affected: Contacts, Resources, Burglary, Lore.
Enchanted Items: You have four potions, each with a strength equal to your Contacts, Resources, Burglary, or Lore skill. You may not increase their strength in any way. At the beginning of each session, you must declare which potions you have on hand.
More Trinkets [-1]. You have four additional potions. Furthermore, you may choose to leave potion slots open to be filled later with Declarations.

Sponsor [-0]: Your character is sponsored by a higher power.
Effects: Sponsored assistance: You may invoke an aspect in exchange for a point of debt to your sponsore, as per the Sponsored magic rules (YS288)

Intellectus Of War [-3]
Musts: High Aspect that Corresponds to this (Scion of a War God, Empowered by a War Spirit)
Key Skill: Fists, Weapons, Gun, Drive
You are a living embodiment of combat. Anything is a weapon in your hands. You could man a tank even if the last time you were on Earth was when gunpowder was considered an innovation.
You may substitute your Fists and Guns skill with Weapons. Furthermore, you can substitute Weapons for any skill roll as long as it could be considered an attack or the vehicle could be considered a weapon (so your Weapons skill could not substitute your Drive skill, unless the vehicle was a tank, a fighter jet, or you were actively trying to run someone over with it). You are considered proficient in any weapon or weaponized vehicle, and you could substitute for other crew, within reason (so you could operate a two-man fighter by yourself, but a battleship is right out). You instinctively know how to maintain weapons and weaponized vehicles, though you cannot teach anyone else how to (so if the item is beyond the capacity for one person to maintain and you're alone or with unqualified people, you're SOL).
You may not gain these bonuses in terms of spellcraft, except for the purposes of aiming an Enchanted Item.

Supernatural Orator [-1]
Your words have a weight that beggars belief you can literally change people minds with your words. Your social attacks do mental stress.

A thousand words in one. [-1] You can say a lot in a very little time, your can attack mental and socially during physical combat.

Words with the weight of worlds [-2] Your words are unnaturally effective and any attack you make with them has a weapon rating of 4.

Shape-shifting Weapon [-1] Your weapon is weightless in your hands and can change its shape either remaining the same size or shrinking. (attache to a IoP)

Giant Weapons [-1] (requires shape-shifting weaponry) Your weapon can now be made much bigger (add +2 to base weapons rating) Giant Weapons are very large and noticeable (at least person sized).

Mega Weapons (requires giant weapon) [-2] Your weapons can become obscenely over sized (car sized or Bigger) they hit for an extra 4 stress and have a zone wide radius of damage.

Giga Weapons (requires mega weapons) [-2] Your weapon can become unbelievably massive (house sized or bigger) they hit for an extra 6 stress and have a two zone radius.

Charging. The maximum Charge is 300%, this can be spent on other things, but the way to recharge is by absorbing large amounts of energy be it magical, electrical, solar.
The first way is by taking stress from an energy-based attack, you get 10% for each 1 stress taken. The second way is through taking a basic action to charge from an large energy source (no batteries), the most common electricity, each source has a Charge rating
and if you charge from it you gain 10% per point of Charge rating (Charge:4 gives 40%). You also have Armor:2 against all energy-based attacks.
Energy Overload. You can spend up to 60% Charge to make an energy-based attack. Roll Weapons to attack, and the Weapon rating is 1/10% ( 10% makes Weapon:1). This can also be a zonewide attack as long as you pay more then 30% Charge (Weapon:3 Zonewide) , It can also be range but only as long as you pay 40% ( Weapon:4 Range, maybe Zonewide).
Cellular Augmentation. By infusing the excess energy into your cells you can increase their growth rate, efficiency, and strength by enormus amounts. You can pay to increase any physical abilities (Strength, Speed, Toughness, Recovery) by one step for each payment, you can increase them from, Nothing to Inhuman-40%, Inhuman to Supernatural 70%, Supernatural to Mythic 120%. These abilities purchased only last for the duration of the scene unless canceled.
Dead Battery. You need at least 40% Charge to use this ability, if you have under 40% or 0% then you cannot use any of the abilities except Charging, if this is put on an Item of Power, the IOP won't function.

Description: You can teleport from one space to another. Very convenient.
Skills Affected: Athletics.
Unfettered Movement. You may ignore all zone borders and all penalties or blocks that would normally impede your movement, unless those blocks are specifically designed to block teleportation. You may also move freely in three dimensions, though this Power does not prevent you from falling to the ground. If you are being grappled or otherwise grabbed when you move, the character holding onto you must roll Might against your movement roll. If they succeed they come with you; if they fail their grasp is broken.
Rapid Teleportation [-1]. Add four to your Athletics when using it to move with this Power. In addition, you may move an additional zone when taking a supplemental action to move with this Power.
Long-Distance Teleportation [-1]. (Requires Rapid Teleportation) You may teleport to any place in the world given a few minutes. At the GM's discretion, this effect may be limited by the speed of light.
Sight-Affirmed Teleportation [+1]. Your movement is impeded by anything that blocks your vision. Apply blocks and penalties that apply to your vision to your movement, and do not ignore them with the base effect of this Power.

Description: You can improve your performance in combat by channelling magical energy.
Skills Affected: Combat skills.
Special Techniques. You know three techniques from the following list. You may enhance your physical attacks and defences with them by taking a mental stress hit with a value equal to the combined cost of the techniques that you're using. So to use two techniques that each cost 1 stress to enhance an attack, you'd have to fill in your second mental stress box. Mental armour is useless against this cost. You must declare technique use before rolling. You may only use any given technique once per roll. At the GM's discretion, techniques beyond the ones presented here might exist. These techniques may not enhance spells or non-physical attacks.
    [li]Enhanced Accuracy (1 stress): Add 1 to the enhanced attack roll.[/li]
    [li]Enhanced Defence (1 stress): Add 1 to the enhanced defence roll.[/li]
    [li]Enhanced Damage (1 stress): The enhanced attack inflicts 2 additional stress.[/li]
    [li]Enhanced Resilience (1 stress): Add 2 to your armour against a single physical attack.[/li]
    [li]Spectral Strike (2 stress): The enhanced attack interacts with spirits and other immaterial things as though they were solid.[/li]
    [li]Distant Strike (2 stress): Add 3 zones to the range of the enhanced attack.[/li]
    [li]Whirlwind Attack (3 stress): You may apply your attack to an entire zone within its range, without a penalty or a risk of hitting yourself.[/li]
    [li]Piercing Attack (3 stress): The enhanced attack ignores all armour, regardless of the source of that armour.[/li]
    [li]Flurry (4 stress): Replace the enhanced attack with up to four attacks. Each of those attacks suffers a penalty equal to the number of attacks made, but all of them benefit from whatever techniques enhanced the original enhanced attack.[/li]
More Techniques [-1]. You know three additional techniques. You may take this upgrade more than once, but you cannot take any technique more than once.
Overdrive [-0]. You spend physical stress instead of mental stress to use your techniques. Spending physical stress this way bypasses all armour and all extra physical stress boxes from Powers.
Varied Techniques [-1]. You may spend either physical or mental stress in order to use your techniques. Spending physical stress this way bypasses all armour and all extra physical stress boxes from Powers.

LIMITATION [+varies]
Description: Your abilities are limited in some way.
Note: Suffering from the negative consequences of taking this Power will often, but not always, be a Compel. If the importance of this Power changes during play, it might be necessary to change its cost or compensate with Compels.
Skills Affected: None.
Limited Powers. Attach this Power to at least one other Power that you possess. Then, select a circumstance. Whenever that circumstance applies, you are treated as though you did not possess the attached abilities.
Rebate. This Power reduces the Refresh cost of the attached Powers. The percentage that the cost is reduced by depends upon how commonly the limitation on your Powers will cause problems for you.
    [li]If it will matter rarely (perhaps once every 6 sessions or so), reduce the cost by one-sixth.[/li]
    [li]If it will cause problems from time to time (in some, but not all, sessions), reduce the cost by one fourth.[/li]
    [li]If it will be a frequent impediment (once a session on average), reduce the cost by half.[/li]
    [li]If it will prevent you from using your Powers except in unusual situations (no more than once a session on average), reduce the cost by three fourths.[/li]
At the GM's discretion, difficult-to-classify limitations might grant a rebate in between two of the suggested ones. Decimal costs should be rounded to the nearest integer, with GMs rounding halves based on what cost seems more appropriate.


Description: You are an incorporeal spirit form, able to pass through walls and other barriers in the mortal world. Thresholds still have an almost physical reality to you, however.
Skills Affected: Many, especially Conviction.
Note: This power may not normally be attached to Human Form, Feeding Dependency, an Item Of Power, Magical Self-Enhancement, or any other power that can "turn off" the powers it is attached to.. The Astral Projection and Manifestation upgrades, if taken, entirely remove this restriction except with regards to Human Form.
Insubstantial. You are invisible, inaudible, and incorporeal. This means that you can neither affect nor be affected by physical things, except as dictated under Vulnerabilities and Manifestation. Any magic that you cast is also incorporeal, and useless against anything physical. However, you can perceive the physical world normally, and under some circumstances it may be possible for physical characters to perceive and communicate with you. Characters with this power may affect each other freely.
Shaped By Belief. Your very existence is defined by belief. As a result, you are not closely bound by physical reality.You do not need to eat or sleep or breathe. Furthermore, you do not excrete wastes and you do not age. You are immune to both poison and disease. You may make Maneuvers and Declarations with Conviction to define your physical form and the nature of your interactions with the world.
Vulnerabilities. Certain physical things can harm you despite your intangibility. These things include ghost dust, fire, and sunlight. What's more, you cannot cross thresholds at all.
Manifestation [-2]. Once per scene, you may force yourself to manifest physically. This negates this power until the scene ends, you choose to become immaterial, or you get taken out in a physical conflict. Using this trapping is an insane act for a ghost, and as such this trapping may not be possessed by sane ghosts. (Other forms of spirit might not have this limitation.)
Poltergeist [-1]. You can exert a tiny amount of force on the material world. Normally this does nothing of importance, but when machinery is around you can often interfere with it. You may use Conviction to make maneuvers disrupting physical machinery.
Spiritual Physics Abuse [-1]. The laws of physics only affect you if you think they should. Teleportation is possible for you. You may substitute your Conviction skill for your Might skill when exerting force, your Athletics skill when moving, or for any other physical skill as the GM feels is appropriate.
Mind = Matter [-0]. Your body and your mind are the same thing. You have one stress track that is used for both mental and physical stress. Its length is determined by your Conviction skill. Toughness powers apply to this track, but mental stress automatically satisfies catches. Consequences taken on this track do not recover naturally unless you provide some form of special justification, generally involving the absorption of memories. More severe consequences require more elaborate justifications.
Astral Projection [-1]. You are a physical creature, but you can leave your body when you feel inclined. You normally do not have access to this power, but you may gain access to it any time by taking a supplemental action. When you do so, your physical body is unconscious and immobile. You may return to your physical body at any time by physically entering it with a supplemental action.
Involuntary Projection/Manifestation [+1]. (Requires Astral Projection or Manifestation) You have no control over whether or not you are corporeal at any given time. Choose a condition in collaboration with the GM. This condition determines whether or not this power is active at any given time.
Possession [-1]. You may enter the bodies of others, combining your power with theirs. Given a willing host, you may enter that host's body as a supplemental action. This allows you to control their body, using your own skills for all rolls. While you possess a host, you have access to all of your own powers and those of your host's powers that your GM deems appropriate. The host's skills may modify yours, at the GM's discretion. Physical stress is inflicted on the host, not on you, and the host's physical stress track is not affected. If you cast spells while in another characters body, you must pay for those spells with your own mental stress. However, your host suffers backlash for you. A character who is being possessed may not act, but they may force the possessor out of their body at any time.

Demonic Co-Pilot [-0]
You have a demonic co-pilot in your head.
Ask your GM to stat out your co-pilot disembodied skills these should proportional to your refresh.
Your co-pilot can maneuver to help or hinder your actions (say it decided to give you the berserk rage aspect which could be tagged for a +2 to attacking someone but could be invoked against you in heavy negotiations) according to it's agenda.
Fight for control: Every so often your demonic co-pilot might stop trying to influence you and directly fight you for control of your body (a discipline conflict) this shouldn't happen more than once a session and only when the gm deems appropriate and should be played out in character.

Bound Spiritual Entity [+3]
Description: You are a spiritual entity imprisoned in a physical object, you have no body, and cannot act in the physical world without a bearer.
Unbodied. You cannot take physical skills, you cannot move yourself, and you cannot communicate verbally and other neat things. You do not have a physical stress track, and your prison can not be destroyed by any means. Any physical stress you would take is instead converted to mental stress.
Communicate with Bearer. You are able to telepathically speak with the bearer of the object you are tied to.
License to Possession. You may take the possession upgrade of Domination in order to possess your bearer. For the purposes of the Possession upgrade you are considered to be constantly "insubstantial".
License to Item of Power. You may act as an item of power for the bearer of your prison. You are allowed a Item of Power rebate equal to the size of your prison but you must purchase the powers you are able to grant as well. Normal restrictions to the refresh rebate apply.
Called to Bearer [-1]. You have the ability to tie yourself to the bearer of your physical prison, and you can teach them to call your prison to their hand.

Possess Corpse [-2]
Description: You are a spiritual entity, and lack a body, though that does not mean that you can't acquire one (slightly used). You have learned to possess a corpse, allowing you to make use of the former owners skills and abilities.
Musts: You must have a high concept that reflects your predilection for possessing corpses, and you must have a way to become insubstantial (and attach this power to it).
Inhabit Corpse. When you inhabit a corpse you gain a limited form of the Mimic Ability power (restricted to what the corpse has to offer). You have a number of form points equal to the amount of refresh you have invested in Possess Corpse and the method by which you become insubstantial in order to Inhabit the body.
Living Dead. The bodies you inhabit are still dead. While Inhabiting a Corpse you gain access to the Living Dead power.
Advanced Inhabitation [-Varies]. You have expanded your ability to take advantage of the corpses you inhabit. Refresh invested in this upgrade is accounted towards your total mimic points as per the Inhabit Corpse effect (see above).

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